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6/13/2006 6:30 pm

I woke knowing it was going to be just another one of them days! Went out on the deck to get the paper...it was layin' in a pile of dog shit! kinda fittin for the news media dn't cha think?Well then I had to drag my sorry ass to my sorry ass job,And guess what? The boss has hired some fresh meat to help on this job(good luck them ever gettin' paid...)College kids!I like college kids!They're,well pretty much worthless at any physical labor,But they have such strong opinions on politics and world views!I also love to FUCK with their minds,Fresh meat! I get to play!My days gettin better all ready!Inanimate objects are safe today!Oh yeah they bought a new Rushie(rushie#4)But rush doesn't get to talk today,College kids don't like talk radio.Thay like tunes and that's what radios are for damn it!
But then my day isn't fun anymore,Mr Mcboss and his Right hand gang start arguein' politics with the kiddie's.This is not good,worse than Rush,Worse than his opposite!I don't like politics or the fanatics on either side.Soon all sides insist in draggin' me into the fuckin' middle.THey AREN'T going to like what I say!My views always Piss every body off!
So now I'm trapped!counter points are made each side tryin' to get me to agree,(even Rush thinks he to can convert this pagan mind!)But I am unconvertable.I don't like the war,IT'S destroyin to many young lives And for what?what about the families left behind?how will they survive.If their loved ones return will they still have their jobs?their house?Their spouse?What of all the money wasted when we have people starvin' in our own back yard.We have the homeless that none of them see.we have no jobs..they're over seas!
They want to argue immigration reform,People fences and walls don't fuckin' work!
they want to argue religion over comin' all the godless wretches the world over and here at home,The pervs the gays the abortions even the evil menace the arabs!but this is just their take on things not mine why shove it down anyone's throat,But it says so in the "BIBLE" they rant...But it's also in the KORAN..THIS THEY can't comprehend!They make these choice pet issues of theirs the big political picture when it ain't
Why ,can't people see All these politicos see that when they express these beliefs theyDon't reflect what maybe you or I believe?Who the hell do they think they are when they condem us for our ideals,yet they make it the platform which they beg our fuckin' votes!
The things they say and the things they do,once in office they never seem to care.All they do is line their pockets and ingore the big picture!
The importance of their issues is just to fuckin' bizzare...Bird flu! people are starvin here and abroad,there is an aids epidemic world wide!People are dyin' in genecide wars brought on by governments.They give away our jobs but claim to make more(walmart,mcdees) These are Issues!But neither side addresses.Old people can't buy the meds they need to live,They sell them a drug plan they can't afford.
The rain forest are disapperin',aidin global warmin,pollution is killin'us but they won't restrict emissions,Its bad for business they say,What business?The one's they sent over seas?
Just wise up and address the Issues that are there in front of your fuckin' eyes not some stupid ass shit out some zealots minds!Quit linin' your pockets and help those that don't have the means to help thelmselves!It'll never happen as the politicos won't ever release their grasp thats chockin' their own fucked up world.
So why do they have to come into my house and fuck up my little world!
After statin all this these views ,Do ya think the boss gave me my pay check?No the fuckin'Republican gave me a company hat!
You can't eat hat,It's nasty!You can't drink it,you can't smoke either!What goods a hat to a hungry poor sober man like me!
Then suddenly I realized "I don't have a dog!Why was there shit on my deck"?


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