spunky11961 55M
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8/10/2006 9:45 am

These are some things I've learned about goats since starting those roofs at the goat farm THE TRUTH ABOUT GOATS
And here they are...

Goats can climb ladders,
They just can't get back down!

Goats eat full packs of cigarettes,
They prefer menthol!

Goats will try to eat anything,
including car keys

Goats still Stink,
But I like'em



BadAssBlonde1 56F
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8/12/2006 7:44 pm

My nephews wanted a goat when they were little. I got him one and he almost run my dogs off their own property. In the end, I had to fence him in the wooded areas of the property. What a pain in the ass. Then they wanted horses; and that's another story. I like goats but wouldn't have another one for love nor money.

Warm Regards,
Lady Hunter

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spunky11961 replies on 8/13/2006 11:17 am:
Hello and Welcome Badassblonde! I hear ya there! goats are an ornry lot for sure! ~Thanx Really!~
~always welcome here anytime~

lovemetouchme5 51F
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8/12/2006 9:40 am

I've thought about getting some goats to help with the mowing. They seem to be really popular here. I just don't know how my dogs would get along with them! Loveme

spunky11961 replies on 8/12/2006 9:48 am:
Hey Loveme! That's one thing they're good for! As for the dogs don't get the Pygmys,the regular sized one's seem to be able to handle to dogs,I'd worry more for the poor dogs!
~thanx ~talk to ya later~

madiemoon 51F
2090 posts
8/11/2006 8:56 am

lmf(_|_)oooooooooooo @ cuteNE

what about the trollssssssssss

spunky11961 replies on 8/11/2006 10:45 am:

cuteNEway 41F

8/11/2006 1:47 am

will they eat the fucktards off this site????

spunky11961 replies on 8/11/2006 9:20 am:
Hello CuteN! Only one way to find out,let's feed them a couple and see!

madiemoon 51F
2090 posts
8/10/2006 10:44 pm

pygmys are cute but i don't get fainting goats .....

i had a nanny attack me once. i was sitting down feeding her and she head butted me in the head. over just a bit and she would have had my eye ... bitch

and hey there purple i resemble that brat remark (atleast i admit it)

anyways if i could have kept them off my cars i would have had pygmys. but that was a long time ago .....

spunky11961 replies on 8/10/2006 10:51 pm:
Hey there Madie! Welcome!~ That was really somethng what ya shared in your comment! Thanx for that!~ I just love to hear about other's experiances!~
~love ya sense of humor there~

silverbreeze2 65F

8/10/2006 9:27 pm

    Quoting silverbreeze2:
    Wondering if the goat was hooked after he ate the pack of cigarettes Did he want more cigarettes

    ( farmer see's smoke drifting up from back of barn, yep, he's smoking alright!!
Hi Spunky, I don't write any blogs, just read them. I can talk up a storm, but if I had to sit and write, my brain goes into the "twilight zone", goes on hold! I guess I am a better reader than writer. ( which is why your having trouble trying to connect to my Blog! But I do appreciate you trying at least!
I enjoy your blogs,
( I think that goat just liked that menthol flavor, it was cool and refreshing to his throat! )
If he ate a whole pack, no wonder he couldn't get back down the ladder...his is high on nicotine!) He probably thinks the rest of the goats are unicorns!

spunky11961 replies on 8/10/2006 10:15 pm:
Well thanx! I'm flattered! But I think you could do it,look at what I post But then someday maybe you'll find the way to do it! I really like your comments!~ Thanx for that!~ And this one really put a smile on my face!

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
3394 posts
8/10/2006 8:39 pm

howdy to you!!!

spunky11961 replies on 8/10/2006 8:51 pm:
Well Howdy to you again to! Thanx, that was quick!And the pleasure here is all mine!~

silverbreeze2 65F

8/10/2006 11:27 am

Wondering if the goat was hooked after he ate the pack of cigarettes Did he want more cigarettes

( farmer see's smoke drifting up from back of barn, yep, he's smoking alright!!

spunky11961 replies on 8/10/2006 8:33 pm:
Hello again Silverbreeze! Thanx! I got a good laugh with his! Always appreciate that But I can't seem to connect to your blog,I always comment in kind to those that do so here!~ ~thanx to ya for this~
~always welcome here~

spunky11961 replies on 8/10/2006 8:38 pm:
I hope he aint addicted those things cost me more than four bucks a pack....Hmmm Buck, a male goat,no pun intended there!~

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
3394 posts
8/10/2006 11:05 am


goats are in now i see .....

sets up fertile ground for an entirely different kinda "butt" jokes than all the awfull and old sheep jokes.

My ♥§ΩuirT♥er & MFM Blog

spunky11961 replies on 8/10/2006 8:24 pm:
Hello! And what have I done to myself here! I'm really feedin' the sharks with this one! Glad ya enjoyed this~
~thanx,welcome here anytime~

rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
8/10/2006 10:46 am

Goats also like to headbut anything that moves, I had one hit me in the hip so hard I could barely walk the next day.

They also have bad tempers and weird pupils.

spunky11961 replies on 8/10/2006 8:12 pm:
Hello Saintlianna~I hear ya there! They have those "Evil Eyes"
Had one or two head butt me as well, Then there is that bad temper thing,I've got the little bastards beat there~ it was my last pack of smokes!~ ~thanx~ ~always welcome here~

twirly_girl 47F

8/10/2006 10:41 am

I'm with Todd... kinda scared. But sheep are probably


spunky11961 replies on 8/10/2006 8:01 pm:
Hello there again! I'm begining to wonder if I'm not feedin' the sharks here! And Don't get me started on Sheep! I hate those wooley little evil things Nasty smellin', sweaters to be!
~thanx~ ~always welcome

purpletrashcan 50F
41658 posts
8/10/2006 9:57 am

I think pygmy goats are cute....but they behave like a naughty 2 year old!

Pull My Fucking Hair!

spunky11961 replies on 8/10/2006 7:45 pm:
Hey Purple! These ae all pygmies And I hear ya on the Two year old thing! These things are real brats!~

ZZ_Todd 59M

8/10/2006 9:51 am

You're startin' to freak me out Spunky! Oh well, I guess they are better than sheep!

spunky11961 replies on 8/10/2006 7:43 pm:
Hey ZZ! don't freak out there on me,I'm just kinda likin' the idea of a free lawnmower,no gas required! Eats anything you throw at it and keeps ya from havin' to mow the grass,But then there is that gawd awful smell!~
~spunky aka Jeff

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