spunky11961 55M
37213 posts
7/9/2006 10:47 am

Yup I'm BORED I want to be anywhere but here! But I can't! Mom's asleep the cats are too,nothin' left to do! It's so nice out I need to get out and play......
But I can't,I can't leave her for to long!
So here I am I'm bored with the blogs and everything I can think of Doing!So all that is left is go get some Beer and get toasty! Then maybe start some laundry...God I need a life!
Well hell,I just got back from the drive thru..
On the way back I saw a car run out of gas,I stopped to help and was surprised to see an old friend from way back! I helped him out and chatted a bit but he's not much for chattin' anymore....HIS HIV HAS NOW WENT FULL BLOWN...Seems I'm one of the few that will talk to him now....He was so thankfull,and that shit just tore me up!
I may be bored and stuck in my rut,But I still have a life ahead...And HE DON"T
So now I'm feelin' bad for him and this boredom seems so trivial,I wish there was somethin I could do but he's in a world of hell that no one but him,can understand.....
So I'm still gonna get drunk but I'll have one for him!
Just when ya think life sucks something shows ya a sign,that it aint that bad



rm_chanda69 47F
418 posts
7/10/2006 5:01 pm

    Quoting cuteNEway:
    OK I just have to say that you people pimping your blog on this post is just tacky! You could've just gone to the pimp blog

    Spunky one DOES put things into perspective when seeing others in a worse way but it doesn't change your own desperation in trying NOT to get like those worse off.
just wanted to tell you that you're absolutely right! not that its an excuse for poor manners, but it was late, i had just a few people i wanted to tell about this, & the pain meds were kickin in. had i been doing anything but going to the most recent post & commenting, i would have thought about the content of the post & would have gone to the survey that was from a few days before. i know spunky would find it there. sorry if i offended anyone.



spunky11961 replies on 7/10/2006 6:00 pm:
Helloy friend,Chanda!I'm not offended at all You are always a pleasure to see here my friend! remember that!

cuteNEway 41F

7/10/2006 2:49 pm

OK I just have to say that you people pimping your blog on this post is just tacky! You could've just gone to the pimp blog

Spunky one DOES put things into perspective when seeing others in a worse way but it doesn't change your own desperation in trying NOT to get like those worse off.

spunky11961 replies on 7/10/2006 3:24 pm:
Hello CuteN! Thanx for those wonderful words!Thanx again for readin' here, You are such a pleasure!always welcome ya know that friend!

EvilEvilKitten1 61F

7/10/2006 5:36 am

"Just one chance, Just one breath, Just in case there's just one left."

We make our choices and take our chances because to do otherwise is not to have lived. Glory in life! Stop thinking of 'security' and blaze like the sun!! Relish the blood roaring through your body! Drive fast, hold out your hand to another, reach for your dreams, KISS THE SKY!

If you are bored tis because you are not living enough.


spunky11961 replies on 7/10/2006 1:56 pm:
hello,welcome!No I'm not living enough,Yet.....
Soon! Thanx for those beautiful words in your comment!
always welcome here!

rm_chanda69 47F
418 posts
7/9/2006 9:00 pm

arrrgh!!! damn you amberabercrombie!!! you did it again!! spunky!!! throw her off the roof!!!(just kidding)

anyway, i thought youd like to join the fun!!!

i guess this is what they call "pimpin my blog"???

wanna cum see me "at work?"

[post 419109]



spunky11961 replies on 7/10/2006 12:10 am:
Hello Chanda! And thanx! I will check this out!

purpletrashcan 50F
41658 posts
7/9/2006 7:22 pm

Be grateful every day for what we do have and don't dwell on what we don't! There always seems to be someone who is worse off and need to be in our thoughts....take care!

Pull My Fucking Hair!

spunky11961 replies on 7/10/2006 12:08 am:
Thanx Purple! Yup today I was shown just that! Thanx for the warm comment and it's always my pleasure ta see ya here!

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
3902 posts
7/9/2006 5:09 pm

that's a deep one. . .wow.. .

spunky11961 replies on 7/9/2006 7:06 pm:
welcome and yes deep, not my words but the situation I spoke off!
thanx for the comment always welcome here anytime!

kitchenfun1234 44M
1797 posts
7/9/2006 4:48 pm

Best wishes to your friend. I hope the drug companies can come up with a cure before HIV AIDS kills us all. The number of infected people in the world really is worrying.

Don't ever give up searching for the fun in life.

spunky11961 replies on 7/9/2006 7:04 pm:
Hey friend I hear ya there! the numbers are quite alarming and getting worse every day! Thanx for stoppin and the great comment
always welcome here!

digdug41 49M

7/9/2006 4:44 pm

spunky as long as you have life and good health anything after is a bonus and reading this made me see that thanks

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

spunky11961 replies on 7/9/2006 7:01 pm:
Thanx Digdug!It floored me when I meet him,like what am I complainin' about! Like a sign to show me it aint all that bad...for me!Thanx for that comment your words there mean alot to me!

rm_chanda69 47F
418 posts
7/9/2006 2:39 pm

there, but for the grace of God, go I.

i've been the "there" way more than i care to remember.

sorry about your friend. lost a few that way myself.



spunky11961 replies on 7/9/2006 4:11 pm:
hello Chanda,I hear ya on that! Thanx for sharin' that with me,I can't feel bad for me but for him wow,I couldn't go through that myself! Sorry to her about your friends too! and that's exactly what I was thinkin' after talkin' with him! There but for the grace of god.......Chanda,It's always a pleasure ta see ya here!thanx

sexyariesgirl 57F

7/9/2006 12:16 pm

Spunky...I'm sorry about your friend...that's a tough thing to have to deal with I'm sure. Yes, we can always look around and see someone who has it worse than we do. HUGGS.....

Power To FOK

spunky11961 replies on 7/9/2006 3:26 pm:
Hello Sexyaries! I'm not feelin' bad for me just for him! what a terrible thing to have! I've always known he was positive till today though I didn't know it was full blown! thanx for the carin' comment and the huggs to,you always a pleasure ta see here!

JuicyBBW1001 54F

7/9/2006 12:10 pm

Aint that the truth.


spunky11961 replies on 7/9/2006 3:16 pm:
Yup friend it is,I think i got me a sign today! Always apleasure friend when you stop in!

lovemetouchme5 51F
2102 posts
7/9/2006 11:28 am

Sometimes we take so many things for granted in our life. It's not until you see what it's like on the other side that you realize how lucky you are! I'm sorry you are so bored! Is there anything I can do to help remedy that situation?

spunky11961 replies on 7/9/2006 3:14 pm:
Hello loveme!yes we do, don't we! as for the boredom...if it wasn't for all that distance HMMMMM! always a pleasure ta see ya stop here!

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