OK, so this is my blog.  

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8/21/2006 9:36 pm

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OK, so this is my blog.

So what do I do with it? Do I keep a score sheet, tell all the juicy details of meetings and how they came out? Or, maybe write about fantasies and see where my imagination leads? I could just be factual, a government report, full of stats and useless information no one cares about.

I think I will just write about:

I have been on line here for nearly two years. I have met some guys, 12 to be accurate, and have had "fun" with some (10 to be exact) on one occassion and some (3 to be precise) on two or more occassions (if you are counting, 2 were no "fun").

I have talked with many more, two in particular I have not met and would give a nut to meet, even if it was as "just" friends and we never had "fun". I think it is a shame that some people I think would be tremendous friends I will probably never meet. How do you tell someone on a "fun" site that you may be soul mates in a friends sort of way? I don't know how, and every time I get the nerve to try, I write something and it sounds so BS that I never send it along.

That's why I try to meet everyone who wants to meet. I may not have "fun" with some, but I also might just make a friend. I think that meeting someone gives a perspective that no cyber chatting can provide. Have you noticed all the new computer generated animation in commercials and "anime" type shows coming out recently? They look real to a glance, but they are also patently false to the naked eye, there is no emotion, no feeling in the face or eyes, they are static and without life. Cyber chatting is the same, you can get a feel for someone but only meeting and seeing who you are talking to can provide you a glimpse of the real person behind the chat.

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