Meeting Takes Effort  

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8/22/2006 6:12 pm

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Meeting Takes Effort

Hey, nice pics, what r u into?
ty, i like n e thing that is sex
cool, u wanna meet?
sure, where?
u name the time and place, i will b there
i don't really know n e places we can meet
me either, u can't host?
no, can u?
no, sorry
yeah, me too, it would have been fun
c ya

Well, that's about the size of most conversations it seems: Very interested, can't host, but it was fun talking.

Crap! If u really want to meet, get the heck out of the house and go meet. Meet at the burger joint, sprawl mart or wherever, just meet for gosh sakes!

You don't have to meet after the first chat, second e-mail or third group post, and you don't have to adjust your whole life for the possibility of maybe getting laid once. Lay a foundation, get to know someone in real life and the opportunity will come up. If you never, ever leave that chair in front of the computer, you will never, ever get laid. (Well, there are a few exceptions, i'm sure, but those are not the common experience.)

Getting laid takes work and some effort. If you are 22 and look like a movie star or soap opera actor, you can probably get away with it, have people drooling in line waiting their turn. But for the rest of us who have aged a little (aged well or not so well) the effort to meet, see and be seen is what get's the opportunities.

So the next time you "can't" meet, say to yourself "I'm gonna do it" and find a place to have coffee, burgers, window shop or whatever, just meet, say Hi, put a face to a profile and maybe, just maybe, find an opportunity to have fun.

Disclaimer: You can meet and still play safe, too. In this world today, you gotta always consider yourself first, have a plan and don't say "OK, third dark alley on the left after the deserted factory." Have a little sense, but also have an adventure now and then and live life!

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