The country Romania and its ladies  

sportler23 42M
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4/21/2005 1:24 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The country Romania and its ladies

A sneak preview about a Latin Nation

Most of you probably did not hear, or doesn’t know where is situated, well for all those: Romania is located in Europe between Hungary and Ukraine and it’s a country where the most ladies are extremely hot.
I know this fact because lived there for ten years, I am half Italian and half Hungarian, and was raised in Romania.
Romania is an extremely poor country, - not because there is no productivity, but because of the political leading, but in 2000 they started to change- where the monthly average income is about 75-100 euros in $ it is about 200.
Romania is not yet in the European Union and that’s why it was possible for me to win a scholarship in the U.K. with full supplies, they are cold as hell but have some Hungarian and Romanian friends here.
But let me tell you about Romanian ladies: Because of the country is poor 70% of the ladies here are hunting for a rich man, and the man also but they are extremely stupid, so if you want to travel in Europe I highly recommend to visit Romania.
Just picture this: If the ladies hear that you talk some foreigner language, they will be all over you, but stay away, from pimps and they ladies, because I do not recommend, but it is cheaper, -but you rich kids do not care, buying a drink or two and you have a hook with who you want of this 70%, because don’t want to tell that all women in the country are money hungry bitches, but the majority is.
Let me tell you another fact: Tue Latin nations, like Romanians, Italians, Spanish, French, like to party a lot in an explosive way most of them are very clever and smart, and well aware of their beauty, so do not try to impress them with money if you are American, you might fuck all your chances off homey!
As I told the 70% is hunting for a rich man, than tries to keep him giving him her body or whatever he search for, after this they try to make the men to be crazy about her, and eventually fall in love with her, the next step as you can guess is the marriage.
So this is the philosophy here and the rest of the 30% is also looks hot, because the other money hungry bitches are hot and they feel as a competition, but you know in generally ladies are looking for attention and that’s why they dress hot, or provocative.
Conclusion is that all the Romanian ladies are hot, if you are locking for a good time Romania is the place to be, but do not forget my tips, and try to find about her if she is in the 70 or 30 category, usually you can do this easy, because the most of them speak English, but if they not and you find her attractive, than she is dumb as hell, and you could fuck her right away in your car, but newer forget rent a car if you are not with your own, because here the cheeks would not fuck you if you are a foreigner without a car, maybe the 10% of the 30% would if you lock hot, but they can figure it out, that a Romanian dude is with some conversation skills is hitting on her, the car rental agencies are extremely cheap, and the prized in a country where an average citizen makes 100 euros a month are not so high like in Europe or even in America, you might figured out.
One more hint for you: The Romanian capital is Bucharest, you can get here easily by plain, because the easy jet companies are flourishing there, so want to have cheep sex both man and women you can make it her only by buying a drink, and you visited the country.
You have here mountains called the Carpathians, these are the Romanian mountains, so hop in your car, or airplane, because it is worth it.

rm_roheat 39M
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7/14/2005 4:02 am

sportler23, stop writting this stupid things.
have no idea what kind of girls you've met but you are wrong.
they are hot indeed but putting together all romanian girls and spit out these %s make me believe you are just another kid, yelling for attention.

rm_roheat 39M
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7/15/2005 5:49 am

of course, if you made your mind after looking at romainan ladies profiles on this website, is absolutely normal but don't forget that there are others that really want more from their life

hehehe, at least this is what I keep telling me

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