At home on a rainy day #1  

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7/22/2005 12:29 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

At home on a rainy day #1

I was alone, at home on a rainy day. My wife was out visiting friends... I am channel surfing.. knock knock on the door.. I open the door - and see Pratibha (my wife's cousin; great looks, lovely lower lip, great rack and a flat & smooth tummy)along with another gorgeous girl. Both were just a bit wet despite their umbrella.

I called them in, and gave towels to dry up. I've always had the hots for Pratibha, but being on my wife's side and not being a frequent visitor, I never dared show my interest. I had no clue that today was going to be any different...

She introduced me to her friend - Reema. Apparently a colleague. Nice, very nice.. I offered to make tea for them and moved towards the kitchen. I saw from the corner of my eye - Reema was winking at Pratibha.. and then I heard both of them giggling. Before I could get started, I heard Reema saying "let's help with the tea" and then she joined me in the kitchen. Twice I turned around to pick up something (tea, sugar...) from the shelf, and twice she was right behind me - just so that I had brush against her. Twice I muttered sorry, and twice she smiled and said it was okay. By now, I had a huge raging hard on.. This time I turned around, brushed against her and then reached over her shoulder to pickup something from the shelf. We were close, very close - and she didn't back up even a bit.. instead she just looked right into my eyes and gave the sexiest smile ever.. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!!
Yes, I am a bit short on time.. I'll post the rest soon.. please come back.. meanwhile, do let me know your comments!

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