Women in trucks.  

splashofcold 45F
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2/4/2006 11:42 am

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3/23/2006 9:24 am

Women in trucks.

Now why would a man automatically assume that my truck belongs to a man in my life? Can women not buy big trucks? Try this one on for size, I bought all my own cars. Granted, he keeps getting them wrecked, but at least none of his money was invested in them.

Ok, ok, so I may be taking being the biggest thing on the roads of California (semis discounted of course) a bit too far. I was terrorizing some old woman in a compact the other day. All she could see in her rear view was my bumper. But come on, LEAD, FOLLOW, or get the fuck out of the way. If you want to drive 20mph in a 40mph zone, I know a perfect retirement community in Vegas that is set up with a strip mall (grocery store and pharmacy included) where all the residents can run around all day long in golf carts.

Shortly after deciding it wasn't worth making grandma a speed bump, I saw a woman in a truck as big as mine. Go girl! It was a Chevy, but I can forgive her for that. She was going the opposite way or I would have said something to her. Instead, I propose this toast:

Here's to the woman in the big truck
We should hang together sometime
So we can be the ones telling the men
"Hey, baby, wanna fuck?" (Yeah ok, my poetry could use some work. It's been a while.)

To hell with gender roles. LMAO!

CritterDoc 52M
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2/5/2006 6:35 pm

OK, This is wrong on SO many levels!

Your "man" keeps wrecking them?! First, if he were a man, he'd learn how to drive! Second, a MAN would own up to his responsibilities and replace the damaged goods! Then take more driving lessons! This is apparently moot, for if he were a man, you wouldn't be here!

As for your terrorizing the old woman... Sorry to burst your bubble, but she was probably oblivious to your presence! "How nice, they put these shiny things in front of me so I can make sure my wig isn't crooked." "Oh, my, what pretty flowers..." Yes, if you ever ask her how many accidents she's been in, she'll proudly tell you "None!" But how many has she CAUSED!?

Incidentally, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way" also applies to to those obnoxoius A-holes who have to cut across 5 lanes of traffic to get into the #1 lane, only to go slower than every one they just cut off!

As for the gender roles... big trucks are not unlike sports cars where men are concerned. Usually compensating for something. Perhaps your' driving the big truck is a similar compensation... because you're not getting the big fuck! No fault of yours, mind you. Again, services not being provided at home.

Perhaps a license plate frame for you... "Silly Boys, Trucks are for Girls"

In case you're wondering... I have a big truck (Landcruiser) AND a sports car (Jaguar). But, if you'll review the pic I sent you earlier, you'll agree I'm driving them because I like them. Not needing to compensate!

Regqarding gender roles... they still have a place, you just need to find a man who can live up to his side of the equation! Good luck to you there!!


Dino4fun4u 62M
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2/6/2006 9:06 pm

Bet ya look mighty fine in that thar big truck wearing yahr tiny Daisy Dukes! Hee Haw!!! Psst, hey lady wanna race? Just kidding! Just do what you want as long as your happy......umm, why do I think you do that anyway? =)

splashofcold 45F

2/7/2006 2:20 pm

Ok, a few explanations are needed I see.

No, my man isn't wrecking them, he just keeps happening to be driving when different men run red lights or stop signs and broadsiding my cars. My brother told me I had either not let him drive the truck or put a sign on the passenger side that says smile as you go under.

I realize that the old woman probably didn't notice as she didn't manage to cause an accident. By the way, if they ever put up for vote that all people over the age of 60 must pass an on the road driving test in order to keep their license, I will register to vote for the first time and proudly support that cause. I have seen way too many elderly cause accidents including a two car pileup that missed my front end by about 2 inches and ended through a block fence and in some guy's pool.

I do compensate for being short in the truck. I know that in California I am pretty normal sized. I didn't grow up here though. All my friends growing up were 5'9 and over.

Actually, I like that license plate surround but am thinking more along the lines of personalized plates. Momstoy should cover it.

Now, back to bad poetry:

We are the women in big trucks,
We all know how bad it sucks,
That they are assumed to belong to men,
We can hardly complain because then again,
With our make-up on and hair curled,
We control all the pussy in the world.

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