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spinmedown 49M
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10/7/2005 12:26 pm

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What's worse: wanting what you can't have or having what you don't want rubbed up against you?

Today at work a young lady, half my age, dropped in on her day off to visit with some of her coworkers.

Just so happened I was on her list. I don't know why.

She was wearing the shortest skirt I have ever seen, (Any shorter and she would have needed a hairnet...I swear.) and a very, very tight top.
She did look nice, but serious overkill for dropping by work.

Just so happens I was first on her list. I don't know why.

She walks straight up to me smiling at me the entire way. (I'm suddenly back in sixth grade with my first boner in class...that's just great.) She stands beside me. Close beside me.
I give her a nice compliment and ask what brings her by.

Here comes the old, "It's the only thing I had to wear, and I just happened to be passing by..." And then she presses her right breast against my left tricep firmly and starts moving it slowly back and forth. (Suddenly I'm a 37 year old man with a boner at work...that's just wonderful.)

I pretend not to notice, go on with my work and keep the conversation light and breezy.
(Sometimes it pays to not be a sixth-grader anymore.)

After a few minutes of this and some flashy-flashy eye contact,
she asks, "What time do you get off work?", in a hushed voice.
"Oh I'm working late today", even though I go home in about 20 minutes.
"See ya tomorrow", she says with a smile as she sashays away.
"See ya", and now I'm back in the eighth grade again.
(Which is about the level of competency required for my job.)

She made the rounds and talked to everyone.
I don't know about tomorrow, but I do know that I've been down that road too many times...


Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

ChinRyder 39M
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10/7/2005 1:09 pm

Right there with you man. For some reason we never want what's right in front of us, always what's just out of reach. Like your typing style though. Be sure to tell us what happens with this one. Sounds like trouble.

bardicman 50M

10/7/2005 4:36 pm

I am confused as to why you just didn't tell her you get off in 20 minutes and hopefully every hour on the hour for the rest of the day.......
Sometimes when you can't be with the one you love you just have to love the one your with. It sounds good of course but then again I have never been able to live with that philosphy either. I will sit here and pine for my time with hippy while I let mini skirts pass me by.

I am not dead yet

spinmedown 49M
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10/7/2005 5:29 pm

CR- I agree about the trouble, young coworker. I've kept an eye on her for some time now. Thank you for the compliment.

Bardicman- The one that got away just might come back in fishnets, but hippie is worth holding out for....It's good to see ya here again. I've missed ya, bro!

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

spinmedown 49M
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10/10/2005 8:11 pm

mzhunyhole at my little blog??!!
If I knew you were coming I'd have cleaned the place up a bit! lol
I'm not really sure if I was a gentleman, a chicken or just too old to want to act the fool anymore. I'd like to think a gentleman....
Thank you for stopping by! I'll always leave the light on for ya.

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

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