What's NOT in a name  

spinkfarmer 54M
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5/26/2006 10:27 pm
What's NOT in a name

Since the 80's I have read a magazine called Maximum Rocknroll. It is an underground punk-rock fanzine printed with volunteer help in San Francisco. The fun thing about this magazine is the band names. Most you and I have never heard of. They range from the clever(ex:Radio Bagdad and their album 665-the neighbor of the beast), the shocking,( Sandy Duncan's Eye, The Connie Dung's, Hugh Downs Syndrome), and the outright rude,(The Dead Kennadys, Destinies Abortion, Gacy and the Moonshine Band). But the two edge sword is this, does the name make you want to hear the band or not? Does the band have a message different from other punk bands? Or is the value of the cover on the book such a turnoff that you won't bother to think twice? Well, MMR has record reviews also. Al least the reader can get an idea if the music is worth listening to. One of my favorite punk bands is called The Queers. It was quite a while before I even heard them since I was judging them on their name(which they explain in an interview, is a joke). The Queers sound like a punk Beach Boys. A name appears to be just another label used by civilization to group together things that appear to be alike. Fair or not, that's how it works. So when I read a profile of another person I tend to rate them on their answers, but if the picture sucks(look whose talking here, I don't even have the technology to upload a picture of myself) I tend not to read the profile. Not fair to the other person and not fair to myself. I may be passing up on a very excellent and rewarding chance to meet someone new. Then again, I am making the choice. What's was that about absolute power corrupting?

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