Never too fit for sex  

spinkfarmer 54M
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5/23/2006 9:53 pm
Never too fit for sex

For anyone's sake, take care of your body. A firm tight body is much more attractive. A fit body will out perform an out of shape body sexually. Mostly from increased blood flow due to a strong heart. I saw an article that claimed scientific knowledge that runners because of their strong hearts and endurance could perform sexually much longer than other athletes. The bodybuilders were way down on the list, ahead of the golfers and race car drivers though. My college roommate used to say if the face was ugly but the body was good he was happy. He said he didn't see ugly in the dark but he could feel a bad body. This was coming from a guy that screwed about 30 different women our freshman year. I myself, prefer track and field women athletes. Especially the sprinters. One time I slept with a woman powerlifter. Even though she weighed only about 125 lbs, she wrapped her leggs around me and almost broke me in two. She was firm, fit and had real tight abs and glutes. I really think that men and women who are actively looking for sex owe it to the opposite sex to stay as fit as possible. How much would it suck to die from heart failure during sex?

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