Disappearing act?  

spinkfarmer 54M
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6/5/2006 6:02 am
Disappearing act?

In the last few weeks I have had a couple of chicks e-mail me about meeting them somewhere. ALL of them gave me their personal e-mail address. Now 2 of the 3 have their profiles turned off and the other one never returned e-mails. So what the hell is that all about? It's like "I'll put a profile out there like, Fuckme2nite or U2canscrewme and when you contact me, I'll respond and disappear". I think some people get cold feet. One of the women was a housewife that was a little pissed off at her husband for cheating. She wanted revenge. I would say she cooled down and rethought what she was going to do. One of them was younger than me and said the age didn't matter as long as I would fuck the shit out of her all night. The other one claimed on her profile that she would try anything once and that's why she wanted to fuck an older guy. She wanted me to spend a night in a hotel room with her. I know none of these women owed me a thing, it's just the thought of playing with someone. Emotionly none of this really bothers me. I tend not to get bothered by things like this. I'm out nothing more than the thoughts of what I would be doing with these chicks once we got naked.

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