Boys of summer  

spinkfarmer 54M
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5/20/2006 9:52 pm

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Boys of summer

I was driving down the road today and Boys of Summer by one of the ex-eagles was on the radio. That song was released about 20 years ago. 20 years ago I was an emotional mess. I can recall driving down the interstate toward Iowa City labor day weekend and hearing Boys of Summer on the radio and how sad it made me that summer was gone for another year. But I think what I was really sad about was the lack of direction my life had at that time. Now I am content to grow old and not expect to get anything given to me. When we are in our 20's we assume life is there for the taking then we realize that it is indeed what we make of it. Sure, some people get all the breaks(Ashley Simpson, how the hell did that talentless shrew get a recording deal?), but really, what did we expect??? Someone to live our lives for us? What really sucked the most of that summer of 20 years ago(or was it 19, it may have been 1987), was that I had been approached by this very pretty, built chick that was actually interested in me at a swimming pool. I was thinking she wants me, me?!?!?! So after I talked to her on the phone a couple of times and we go out for dinner and a movie(I didn't touch her), I find out she is ALMOST 16. I was in my mid 20's not cool. So, some little teen-age girl with an adult body wants me. How unfair is life? I had a couple other chicks that would call me but they were P-I-G-S, pigs, so I was not scoring at all. My drive down old I-80 listening to Boys of Summer made me think of how much life really sucked for me. I don't remember what made life not suck for me. I know with-in a year later I was married. Life just didn't suck as much. After a while you just don't have anything else left to have suck. Okay, taxes and death always suck.

rm_plain1_5 57M
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5/21/2006 9:13 pm

Great comments.

You've related a lifetime of growth, reflection, and times that were "choices." I admire your ability to say many of the things that I have thought of quite often; you have a fine way with words.

How did you deal with the times that life "really sucked?" What did you do? Who did you talk to about these eventss?

spinkfarmer replies on 5/22/2006 10:12 am:
I listened to alot of music. Very seldomly did I talk to anyone about life sucking. I stumbled onto Ayn Rand objectivist philosphy around 1990 and that really changed my outlook on life. Once I believed I could use a rational logical approach to my life and life in general(not just life I as I perceived it to be)my entire way thinking change to accepting the things i could not change and changing things I could change but from a much more thought out direction with a goal and purpose in the end.

rm_plain1_5 57M
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5/25/2006 11:49 pm

Sounds quite familiar to me. The differences that I discovered came from readings of de Chardin and a few others; these readings forced me to begin to consider "Who made me unhappy?" and "Why did lousy things happen to very nice people?" and a few other questions.

The heart of the thinking and reflecting began to force me to think about how "I" considered myself being involved in all of these things.

There are so very many things that I can not change; they appear to just occur with or without my consent. When these things occur, it is my time to begin to consider "How do these things directly affect me?" and from there, my world begins to make sense.

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