showing off  

spikey1101 40M
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3/20/2006 5:09 pm
showing off

So why is it so so kany woman like to put up nekkid shots of themselves on here and guys showing there dicks off? Are they unable to find a partner without showing all there assets first and taking away some of the mystery? What eve rhappend tot he days of nekid after meat and greet and friendship .. has society gotten to the point were we go by pure looks and body before we even consider the possability of more then a mere glance?

It was good the last few days being down at the martial arts camp down in margate, there was no BS or anything just a group of ppl interested in the same thing, form young to old and everyone respected eachother for themselves and not anything else, it was an overall great and wonderful expereince.

welp thats my bitchin for today.

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