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3/4/2006 11:48 pm

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Wel another 24hrs gone and with noone really in my life to care for an luv etc today seemd to point that out with each TV show i saw, people were falling in love, getting married. Been over a yr since i been with anyone in anyway and since being on this site i have had a very shelted sex life, but perhaps that'll change with the next woman.

Im also having the dilemma of turning 30 in a few weeks and feeling old but on the same token feeling like im young, so it makes me think id like ot have a woman/women to simply hang with and perhaps Adult fun ro simply grreat m8s who can share an enjoy life.

Being good with kids and my sis having 5 of them with another on the way and all my friends also having kids, its hard to leave sometimes when they drop there lil lips and ask if im staying over with them, when i prepare to go home, as is the case with 1 of my friends kids, he is such a cuty its hard to tell him im not sleeping over.

Last few days of raining off and on has been good an keeping the temp down, shame it isnt a lot cooler, but hey, winter is on the way and so is cuddle weather, which ironically also makes me miss not having a companion.

Anyways, loads more of TV shows to watch i downloaded, so best get to them.

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