What a Man Wants..From sex  

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7/25/2005 2:28 pm

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What a Man Wants..From sex

This post was inspired my one of my favorite bloggers [blog mzhunyhole]. She did a blog a few days ago advising women about things us guys don't like... I'd like to add some things from a male perspective..Do's and Don'ts, if you like for ladies around men...

DO Act like a woman DON'T Beltch, Fart or swear to excess.

DO suck hard on my dick DON'T Just lick it (although around the rim of the bell end is nice..gentle though MEGGA sensitive)

DO run teeth GENTLY along the shaft DON'T Scrape hard or get near the bell with them.(see above)

DO run pointy nails down my back DON'T get them near the bell!(above)

DO get fully involved in sex DON'T just lay there screaming whilst i do all the work!

DO tell me what you want or like DON'T think i can read your mind.

DO take the lead sometimes DON'T always wait for the guy to instigate sex

DO take your clothes off(if i didn't find your body a turn on i wouldn't be fucking you) DON'T turn all the lights out(i love to see a womans face as she cums)

DO bounce up and down hard as you ride my Dick. DON'T worry i'll tell you if you're crushing my bollocks

DO make as much noise as you like(it's a turn on) DON'T think it makes you sound like a tart.

DO kiss me and cuddle me DON'T be shy

DO ENJOY YOURSELF DON'T feel inhibited

Add to this if you like..these are my PERSONAL feelings on the subject..feel free to contradict, or give your advice too..

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