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7/28/2005 7:02 am

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Sometimes computers can be THE most frustrating things in the world....

Twice this week alone they have pissed me off!!

Firstly, I had made a contact through AMF and we had chatted several times on a messenger. We had got pretty sexy with our conversations and I really got into her,(i still am!) and was eager to meet and take things further. Then suddenly she seemed to be ignoring my messages and not responding to my attempts at contact at all..I thought she may have gone off me or lost her nerve or (and this was really paranoid of me)have just been a big tease playing games with me. I even blogged about it..
2 days ago I get an e-mail from her..her mail & messenger provider is acting up and she couldn't log on properly or answer my messages..she is still kean we still have problems getting messages through...bloody computers!! I'm really keen on her, but my paranoia may have ruined things...I just hope and pray we can work it out and meet up..i'm so into her..

Secondly, I made a blog a couple of days ago and added a picture to it, but i didn't really feel it was what i wanted to go with that blog. So i decided to change the picture...simple ..I thought..Every time a try to edit the post, i end up with the original picture or a blank space and NOT the picture I'm trying to add ..BLOODY COMPUTERS!!!..
maybe it's me ..i don't know, all I do know is it DRIVES ME FUCKING CRAZY...AARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

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