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I've been doing a lot of list style blogs this last week or so and I'm gonna do another..

These are the books that have had the biggest impact on me. so here we go

1) DRACULA bram stoker. an incredible piece of work never really fully visualised on film. The way it was written, as a series of accounts form different perspectives and sources just facinated me when i read it. I adore this book.
2) THE HOBBIT j.r.r. tolkien this is the only book by tolkien i ever managed to finish, and it was the first one i read! Such a magical story i was enchanted by the story of bilbow baggins and gandalf and the strange gollum(i was amazed at the cinema version of gollum, it was EXACTLY how i had visuallised him for 25years)
3) TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD WOW! just an incredible book, especially as an 11 year old.
4) THE HITCH-HICKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY douglas adams. this started as a radio series, became a book, then a TV show now a Movie. this series of books(a 5 part trillogy) was a big part of my teenage years, as was the TV series. It's just SO clever and So funny..very British though, so i'm not sure the humour travels well.
5) SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS aurthur ranson. I read this at school aged about 9 years old loved it, a jolly story of adventure for children.
6) LORD OF THE FLIES william golding. What a story! Educated children decend into barbarians a facinating study of what happens when there are no rules!(it makes LOST look rather tame)
7) ANIMAL FARM george orwell. a fairy it says a the beginning..this story gripped me from start to finish..i cried when the horse died, and couldn't believe the ending was SO dark..I was 11 after all.
8] THE DEAD ZONE steven king. my first Steven King book and still one of my favorites. Iread steven King avidly for a while after this book, my last read of his was THE GIRL WHO LOVED TOM GORDON.
9) WAR OF THE WORLDS h.g.wells. I love H.G.Wells' work, But this is his master piece. Where would hollywood Sci Fi be with out the books of H.G.Wells. He gave us "The Invisible Man" "The Time Machine" "The first men in the moon" "The Island Of Dr Moreux" a True visionary who predicted so much so early.
10) ONCE.. james herbert. A VERY erotic Faery tale. Full of sex, elves and Witches. If you like erotic fiction, and want something a bit scary and different try's great. So different from the other james Herbert book I read "Fluke", except in the fact of brilliant imagination and writting. the way..I didn't spell "Faery" wrong in the last's old English and how it's spelt in the book.

well that's it my favorite books.
Leave your favorites or any comments please.

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9/21/2005 2:52 pm

noone else commenting !?

good to see one of my childhood faves 'swallows and amazons' in that list,my mum got me into the books

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