DIRTY dancing (Part 1)  

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7/23/2005 4:09 pm

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DIRTY dancing (Part 1)

Fantasy #2

I'm in a club with a HOT woman, shes small(5'2", English size 8-10) but perfectly formed. Jet black hair, deep brown eyes. Wearing a little black dress and stiletos.
We have been dancing together all night, she moves close as the music slows. Her bare shoulders are silky soft under my finger tips. We move together..her head on my shoulder she gently kisses my neck and smiles..the smile i love.
My arm around her firm slim waist pulls her to me, we kiss. I can feel her breasts pressed against me, through my thin shirt, her nipples erect. She runs her fingers softly through my hair, as I drown in her eyes.
We move as one to the music, the only thing that exists in the world is us and this moment.
She puts a leg between mine and her thigh rubs my crotch, as my dick swells she grins a wicked grin, pushing her bare thigh harder against my manhood. As i throb against her I push my thigh between her legs..I can feel the dampness in her panties...as we sway to the music in the dark of the dancefloor, i slide a hand down my thigh between her open legs..palm up i find her moistness..gently, as we move, I press a finger against her satin thong..soaked i her juices..I find her clit hood and stroke it gently, oh so gently, through her underwear...she presses her face into my neck, her lips warm and moist againt my skin..I feel her moan..as I slip a finger inside her panties and run along her supple wet lips...
Her hand behind my head, she pulls me to her and kisses me deeply, her tongue softly stroking mine.
With her other hand she slowly unzips my fly and ventures inside, as we move with the music...

to be continued

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