spikeryder 49M
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8/13/2005 4:40 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I went clubbing, with "the girls", last night and feel SO energised today. We are a group of 6 friends, ranging in age from 18 to 44 years old, who met through work and other friends. I'm now the only male in the group.(I get a lot of jealous glances as we enter places).

It was funny to note that at about 2am the 18 year old fell asleep on my shoulder..I was still going strong and up for more dancing, my other friends, including H(31) and R(44) who both work full time and had kids to feed, bathe and put to bed before coming out, were still pumping too.

Just goes to show with age comes the stamina to work a full shift, look after kids, then absorb alcohol and dance the night away without trouble. We leaned the youngster in the corner of the booth (where we could keep an eye on her) and the rest of us danced till the club closed at 3am. I carried her to the Taxi and we took her home.
Getting home at 3.45am H and I still had the energy for a lively and very enjoyable goodnight sex session before going to sleep. Sometimes age is kind to us, when youth can run out of gas

It's 12:40 pm now(here in England) and I feel great, after my night out. I have MTV on in the background and am just chilling, coming down slowly.
That was just what I needed, at the end of the week, to recharge my batteries and my Enthusiasm.

What does it for you? How do you unwind and relax?

vezhen 40M
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8/13/2005 7:05 am

you shoulda fucked the 18 year old..not like she could put up a fight and i bet her body is firmer than a 31 year old that's had kids.

1playfulgal 39F
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8/13/2005 8:37 am


that comment was a little disturbing...if he won't say it i will that is called date ...

1playfulgal 39F
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8/13/2005 8:40 am

sorry babe got a little distracted...does this mean your long dryspell is over...yippeee!!!!!

My way of unwinding include a DVD and a bottle of wine...Or a hike on the trails with puppy...or yes sex with a willing friend...


spikeryder 49M

8/13/2005 12:07 pm

my gut was to delete him..but leaving him there shows the world what an arsehole he is.

Yeah the dry spell IS OVER HURRAH!! It's was the first time for H and me, and it was GREAT! We really had fun. I spoke to her on the phone today and we both agreed it was good, but it's doubtful we will have a repeat anytime soon. We have been friends for years and don't wanna go any further(we are both crap at relationships and don't wanna loose a good friend) I think it was just an itch we needed to scratch and the energising feeling of the club, and of course drink, helpedget any awkwardness out of the way. We both agree it was one of the best ever, so we'll leave it there and have great memories of it.

Funny thing this evening I'm at home with a bottle of red and a DVD, just starting to feel the effects of last night..zzzzzzz..sorry dozed for a second
I used to love to walk with my old dog, still miss her. Maybe think of getting a puppy soon. Till then I cycle round the bay taking in the sites of summer.

Playful, can you see the difference one great night has made..I feel so positve today, like my Guardian Angle came and put his arm round me

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

8/14/2005 2:15 am

Jeez that Vezhen is an arse....

Coffee makes me unwind...and reading a good book, spending time with friends and shopping ofcourse...!!

emmapeal 42F
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8/16/2005 10:45 am

Nothing like a night out in the clubs followed by a good shag..come to Bristol and we can make a night and following day of it

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