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What follows is an account of one of my most embarrassing Holiday (Vacation) experiences....

I was in Spain on Holiday, traveling around on my motorcycle. I had decided to spend a few days in a coastal town in Catalunya called L'Escala. A beautiful old town with a medieval Church and Ancient Greek and Roman Ruins on the edge of town..
After a couple of days exploring I found a beach, near the Ancient ruins, accessed through pine trees. It had white sand stretching 2-3 miles between cliffs and was virtually unused..I suddenly got the urge to swim in the sea..I went back into town a bought a pair of swim trunks and a large Blue beach towel...
I set off for the beach trunks on and towel over my shoulder. After a walk of 15 minutes I reached the beach. looked around, sand speading into the distance a mile each way and about 6 people in sight...
I spread my fluffy new towel on the sand and took off my shirt and shoes. I walked purposefully into the sea, when the warm water reached my waist i leaned forward and let the water take my weight. I began to swim...getting no where..i moved my arms and legs in the correct manner, but made know progress at all..(I have never been a good swimmer)..if there had been a current i would have gone backwards after about 5 minutes I decided enough was enough and gave up...)
I stood up and waded back towards the beach, thank god no one was close enough to see my futile attempt at swimming!!
As I walked towards the beach I felt a sharp pain in my foot.."SHIT!" I had stood on a jagged piece of rock in the sand (the only piece of rock as far as i could see!) a red cloud formed around my foot in the water..Limping..
" owch..shit! ..och!..arrhh..ow!"
I walked towards my stuff, sand now clogging the wound and slowing the bleeding(thank God for small mercies!) I slipped my shoes on "ouch!" and began to dry myself with my nice new dark blue towel...
As i finished drying myself I noticed that my Fluffy new towel had lost rather a lot of its fluff...ALL OVER MY WET BODY!!!..I looked like a Bloody Dark blue Werewolf!!
So picture the scene ..An Enlish guy limping along the beach towards his Hotel, blood seeping through his shoe..Covered in Blue fluff..muttering..."Bloody towel..OW!..fucking rocks..argh!..who's stupid idea was it to go for a swim ..ouch!..just gonna sit in bars and drink sangria from now on!!...mutter..grumble.."

Have you had any Holiday disasters?
Let me know...

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