Are you gettig enough SEXERCISE?  

spikeryder 49M
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7/27/2005 7:42 am

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Are you gettig enough SEXERCISE?

You know what I think the best way to stay in shape is..?
SEX and lots of it...
I mean you think of it from a guys point of view..
The normal "missionary" position supporting your body with your arms and then clenching buttocks and stomach muscles as you slide your dick in and out..45 minutes at a time 3-4 times a night...
That will really tone the butt and flatten your belly out, as well as building up shoulders and arms...
For the woman, she gets the hips toned with her pelvic thrusts..and defines her shoulders as she diggs her fingers in his butt and pulls him hard into her..

Doggy style...same thing for butt and stomach..little less on the arms for the guy.
But the girl tones her arms and stomach and butt..

Girl on top male stomach again as he pushes up into her and the girl a cardiovascular work out as she bounces away to her hearts content...

Giving head exercises a womans jaw muscles and tightens the skin around the jaw and neck..Also Semen carries useful swallow girls it's good for you

Up against a wall with the womans legs around the mans waist tones the and strengthens the back..

So all in all sex is good for you and should be taken when required and as often as possible, to help maintain a good level of fitness and keep the heart and lungs healthy.

PS masturbation doesn't make you go blind and in a man tones arm muscles...It is also Medically proven to lower the chances of prostate cancer in men by if you ain't gotta least have a wank guys and if you do have a partner just tell her..Doctors say it does you good.

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