Absence makes my dick grow harder  

spikeryder 49M
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10/16/2005 3:53 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Absence makes my dick grow harder

As anyone who has dropped in regularly, to my blog, will know, I have made a VERY nice FWB contact. We have a great time together in a "no-strings" sexual way.
We haven't met up for weeks (she's been to Korea and I've had other commitments) So I'm really excited that we are going to meet up this week.
I've heard it said absence makes the heart grow fonder, but in my case it makes the Dick grow harder!! I just can't wait to get with her again...she is the most fantastic lover I've had for years! I find myself drifting off into little day-dreams about her gorgeous body...visualising her pierced clit hood...then i snap back to the "real" world and have an almighty swelling in my pants!..it can be most embarrassing if I'm in the queue, for the till, at Sainsbury's buying my dinner
So heres to youemmapealemmapeal i'm ready and waiting..\8
I Hope you don't mind me posting one of the pictures you sent me yesterday, you look so sexy in that set...modelling's loss is my gain

emmapeal 42F
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10/16/2005 7:10 am

Oh Spike, I didn't know I had such a BIG effect on you
I'm looking forward to wednesday too...I'll have a special treat waiting for you, sweetie

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