A couple of Jokes  

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A couple of Jokes

What is the first thing that comes out of a Penis when you suck it?


An Arab nomad meets three white men crossing the desert. The first man is carrying a news paper.
"Why do you carry a news paper?" asks the Arab
"If the sun gets to hot I can make a sun hat from some of the pages and fan myself with the rest" Answers the man.

Moving to the second man he sees that he is carrying a small ice box.
"Why do you carry that box?" The curious Arab asks.
"It is full of cold beer to quench my thirst" Smiles the man.

The Nomad is amazed to see that the third man is carrying the door of a car across the desert.
Confused he asks." Sir, why an earth do you carry a heavy car door across the scorching sands?"
" Simple!" smiles the man "If I get too hot I can always wind the window down!"

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