a little erotic story...  

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2/5/2006 7:04 pm

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a little erotic story...

It's clear that as we are sitting next to each other on the couch we are both thinking about the same thing. Our relationship is strong enough that we communicate without speaking. A subtle glance and a little playful body language are the only cues I need to know what you want. I turn to face you and let my fingers glide through your hair as I move closer for a soft kiss. As our lips connect I cannot help but linger and get lost in the moment. Our tongues meet in the rising passion.

As you start to lie back on the couch, I move down to kiss your neck. I know that if I tease the soft spot behind your ear you will turn to putty in my hands. My warm breath near your ear and a soft whisper to tell you how much I want you seals our fate for the afternoon.

Kissing my way around the front of your neck, I feel your breathing increase. By now, my cock is swelling with anticipation. I kiss my way down your chest and unbutton your blouse as I go. I can see your firm nipples through your lacey bra, and I can't wait to feel them between my lips. My hand slips behind your back to unclasp it and relieve you of it. As I pull it off of you, I gently swirl my tongue around one of your nipples. My hand cups the underside of your breast while I slowly increase my sucking. As you heave your chest upward for more, our legs begin to entangle and our hands are running wild all over each other.

I start to kiss my way down your tummy while my hands pull your body tighter against me. As I move downward, I unfasten your jeans, slide the zipper down, and slip them down your beautiful legs. After I pull them off of your feet, you spread your legs to invite me to your special world.

I slowly start to kiss my way up the inside of your leg...starting at your ankle, and moving very slowly upward...not willing to miss any of your sweet skin.

As I move up a little higher and kiss behind your knee, I notice you grinding your hips eager for me to move quicker. The anticipation is almost more than either of us can bare. I move up to the inside of your thigh and gently suck while my hands push your legs a little further apart. I move a little higher.

As I kiss my way around the outside edge of your panties, I sense your heat and it puts me on the edge of climax. I suddenly realize I've been grinding my hips against the couch thinking about where I'm headed. I kiss my way across your silk panties and move to the center. I can feel how warm and wet you are beneath that thin layer of fabric.

I can stand it no longer...I must taste you NOW! I slide your panties down your legs and off of your feet, spread your thighs, and gently kiss your special treasure. My tongue glides between your wet and swollen lips. I circle your sweet spot while I slide a finger inside you. By now, you are grinding against me, and I feverishly continue until I feel your muscles pulse against my mouth and around my finger as you reach your destination.

I'm ready to burst with desire. I kiss my way back up your tummy...linger for a moment on your breasts...to your neck...and finally find your mouth once again as I start to slide inside you. I'm trying to keep a slow pace, but I crave you so much that it's hard to keep from going faster. I get a little deeper with each stroke until I'm finally all the way inside you. I feel your warmth and wetness against the length of my shaft. With all 5 senses fully aroused, I can resist no longer. I explode inside you and fill you with my love.

I don't want this moment to end. The scent of our passion is in the air. Our warm bodies are bound together, and our lips stay together to keep the moment alive. I slide my fingers through your hair, which is where we started. As we catch our breath, we both know the afternoon is just beginning and that this day will not end until the wee hours of the morning.

curiouscats33 39M/37F

6/10/2006 9:48 am

I wrote this to my first lover before we started sleeping together. It was the first time he let himself touch me. He had never cheated before. He was trying to end it before it got out of control. Hmmmm and it got out of control. Hope you enjoy it. I wrote:

I am already forgetting what you look like. But I can still hear your sweet goofy voice from time to time. Anyways...I thought you were going to be my sexual outlet? Now you don't want to be. We can try to stop. You don't have to say anything sexual to me anymore. I will not say the same. Lets think about it for a minute. How I could sit so perfectly in your car; wearing my undersized shirt I bought in the kids section. Remember how perfectly your hand could run down my breasts, down my stomach, and into my pants. You could feel the heat before you could even get close. Did you rub me outside of my panties first....or did you just put your hand right in there. I can't remember.......it all happened kind of fast or hazy....can't remember......my eyes were all glazed over....my soft body movements.....the slight change in breathing. Did you just touch me with one finger at first? I am sure you could have slid your whole hand in there if you wanted. Did you want to have me on your side of the car.....on your lap? Did you want me to unbotton your shirt a little more? Just undoing one button....it was very sexy for me.....being able to put my hand in your shirt a little. In different circumstances.....I would have been right on top of you. Moving my hips into you.....but don't look into my eyes.....I don't like it and it will get you in trouble. We don't need to make friends quite yet. I just need to feel our bodies moving together for a minute. You forced my hand aggressively between your legs on he outside of your pants, so I could feel how hard I make you. It told me how you want nothing more than to slide our bodies together. mmmmmmm, the build up for the first contact.....the first entry......rub it outside of me for a few minutes until it slides in slowly and fully. Now, just sit there for a second...don't move. I just need to know what it feels like.......now I can move a little but I don't know how you want me to move...how to make it feel good...show me. Tell me how good I feel. Tell me how you can only imagine how I would taste on your lips. You are feeling a little more aggressive. There is no room to move around to where we want to be. I turn around and have my back to your chest...my back arched so you have full access to my entire pussy. My ass pressing into you firmly. Now slide your hand down between my legs...I will follow. I will touch it with you. Show you where to rub to make me even more wet. I will beg you for it. You want me to beg for it. You want me to say it. I want you to put your cock in me. I want to feel you pushing it in to me. I have been bad, but yet I am so sweet. You know I want it hard. You push me forward over the steering wheel...sliding my hips back to you....just how you would like to bend me over. I would be able to draw a smiley face in the fogged over windshield. You would cum this way. I may cum at the same time. Wish you knew what that felt like. If I can't cum...it's ok. I was here for you...for your pleasure. I wanted you to feel good. I would have had to come home and wash your cum out of me and thats fucking hot. I may have to read back through this...hmmmmm. I totally came for you. I am going to go slip in bed with my hubby now. Talk to you tomorrow honey. Wink Wink.
The End

We finally gave in to it. He took me on a business trip over night and it was fucking blissful.

rm_san2005353 44F

2/21/2007 10:16 pm

What a story. I have talked with you before. I never knew that you had that in you. YOur a creative and passionate man. Amazing what we find out about people.

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