2005 in review...fun times  

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10/5/2005 5:15 pm

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2005 in review...fun times

wow, October 5th 2005...who thought I would make it this long. 2005 came in with the normal patter that a new year brings, new friends, new faces, places to see, things to do.
Concerts -
Meriweather post in Columbia MD, missed more than I saw, but the Black Crowes and Tom Petty concert was worth the ticket price, Joe Satriani at the Rams Head at the Power Plant in Baltimore was an incredible show/venue, Jimmie's Chicken Shack last Saturday at Camden yards at the Taste of Baltimore and the Punk Rock show I took my son to in Manhattan with the original members of Choking Victim (one of his personal favorites) was pretty cool.

Did a fishing/attitude adjustment trip out to the gulf shore of Alabama in June - shortly before it and our final destination of New Orleans were devestated by Hurricane Katrina! Not sure if it was our debauchery or that of a certain bachelorrete party that was taking place immediately before the hurricane, but I digress. Did I mention that I love Alabama? Oh yes, that was one of the coolest places I've been to party in forever. What I certainly didn't expect was to have a really great time not only with the friends I went with, but all the cool people we met who vacation and party there. We tore the town up the night we got there, had a great time at a place called Live Bait, didn't sleep, went out at 6:30am deep sea fishing.

If you do any boating, you know that there is usually a no wake zone around the harbors, so it takes a few minutes before you can really get going, but only a few minutes. Well, we weren't even out of the no wake zone before we had our first meeting with uncle ralph. Only one of us got sick on the trip (there were 6 of us) and he did so a number of times. We all know who it was, and if you get to know me, you will too. He's a great guy, but has no internal switch to tell him when to stop drinking.

From there we went out to LuLu's (I believe). Nice, outside, live music, great food. Hope I got the name right, the owner is Jimmie Buffet's sister. Cool place in what turned out to be a very cool town.

Next it was on to a bar called Floribama's in Pensacola, Florida, that was rebuilding from the hurricane it suffered last year. Since all we had to do was cross the bridge in front of the great place we stayed at to get to Pensacola we had to go for it! What a great choice. Great music, great people, cool vibe, highly recommend it!! (oh, and I hope they rebuilt it or it was spared from the hurricane!) When the bar finally closed, there was another private club back in Alabama that we had to become members of to get in and drink for another hour or so, but I won't mention their name unless they become members here and ask me to. Well, I shouldn't really be such an ass, they did have a pretty good southern rock cover band and, yes, more great people in a kind of tougher, rowdier, noisier fun kind of way.

got home really late this night too. no shit, we were dragging, but that's when we brought in the ringer from just South of Pensacola, Florida to drive us up to New Orleans for a bit of sin. We said goodbye to our host and friend in Alabama and sailed off to the French Quarter. We got to the Quarter, but, much like Las Vegas, what goes on in New Orleans.....

....the journey continues....photo Cabo w/a few of my buds, 2003....

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