another photoshoot/another dollar.$$$$$$  

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8/18/2006 3:53 pm

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another photoshoot/another dollar.$$$$$$

A smile that bright, eyes that soulful, a body that lean, a spirit that beautiful and an inner core of sexuality that burns so hot it could set off a smoke alarm in the next room, spermaboy is everything you want in a man...and more! And when you set your eyes on the eight inch, curved, veined, leaking, wrist thick slab of a cock, he becomes not just everything you want in a boy, but a boy you want in you!

Possessing caramel brown skin with a thin waif body, you wouldn’t think this man had a big dick not would that innocent, ultra-bright ever present grin seem to belong a guy with a guy he has hidden bad boy streak! spermaboy slowly removes all of his preppy wear attire, ripped designer jeans,tight tank top, with those innocent eyes, flirts with the camera like a orchestra conductor at a podium about to play his favorite piece, He hides that cock until the last moment possible, making sure we see that impossible perfect, apple shaped that despite being off limits, is a sight to behold.
Pinching his nip with one hand, stroking that long shaft with the other, spermaboy stares into the camera as if he is stroking just for you. He stands and begins to pump his hips, as if fucking his hand like it was a pussy while glancing straight at you to make sure your eyes are still riveted exactly where he wants them! Standing on the couch, aiming at the table below, the black curtain forms the perfect backdrop for a torrent of white cum that erupts from that cock in one mighty blast after another. We actually found a guy brave enough to offer up his ass for spermaboyBoy to take a test flight deep into the black hole. Stay tuned guys…BadBoy proved to be an ace!
Soon after spermaboy begins humping the futon as if shoving his ass into someone’s face so they can take a dip before rolling over to show us what we have been waiting for…a cock that most of only have seen in our fantasies.As spermaboy works himself up, he grabs a bottle of baby oil and slicks up those chiseled, lean abs , chest and cock and he he continues slowly stroking, he bends over and begins to oil that incredible ass until it shines like a mountain top gleaming after a fresh snowfall and when he finally lets a torrent of thick sperm fly from that hose, there is plenty of white stuff of a much more manly variety!

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