Email from Julie  

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9/1/2006 11:18 pm

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Email from Julie

Dear Monica and George,

It has been over a week since our meeting in Brisbane and I am still speechless! I feel as if you have opened a door to another feminine universe inside of me.

The dinner was exceptional, the company was even better. George I am truly sorry for kicking you under the table, I felt awful about it. I think little Rhonda's special attention made you feel better. You should not have tipped her so well though.

As you know I have been searching for many of the answers you both were able to give (so freely, sweetly and wonderfully) for some time now!

I feel you guys have opened my eyes and allowed a fantasy to be come reality for me which I been trying to do for a very long time.

In the taxi on my way home I found myself wanting to "check" to see if I could still feel the energies that you both were able bring out of me.

I try to grasp the enormity of all this sensuality. I cannot thank you both enough for what I can only so far describe as an exponentially grand epiphany.

My only fear so far is that the experience may get caught up in my day-to-day life and wishing to do it all the time. I hope to get to visit you in Sydney soon and we could continue our very private scenario.

Thank you both again for a wonderful time. It was truly an experience which many females should try and enjoy.

Look forward to your response.

Kisses from "your girl",


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8/9/2007 1:47 am


needahand1951 65M

10/10/2007 12:49 pm

good read

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3/21/2009 7:39 pm

sounds like you look after your friends new and old

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10/25/2009 1:14 am

I wished I be the guest

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