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12/21/2005 5:09 pm

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My most recent experience on sites such as this has concerned me enough to write about it. I was searching a different site for possible female matches. The particular site did not clearly distinguish between "lesbian" or "bisexual" as a choice, it only distinguished a search as "women searching for women". My search results pulled up several beautiful women, and I began to read their profiles. I ran across at least three profiles in which the women were lesbian, and had some very insulting remarks about bisexuals. To paraphrase, they referred to bisexual women as "confused". I thought about the remark for a while, questioning myself and my motives for my "curiousity", for lack of a better word. Why am I curious to have a sexual encounter with a women? My thought process has lead me to write this blog today.

I am not sure how the process of a women loving a women happens for most women. Some say it is inate, that we are born with these feelings. The same for a man loving a man. Some say that it takes a specific life experience to bring these feelings to the forefront, and have us act upon our feelings. To come out of the proverbial "CLOSET". I guess I agree with both theories to some degree. I have always been intrigued by women. I find them very beautiful and delicate. I love the look, the feel, the smell of a women. I also love men. I find their strength to be a beautiful thing. I love the look, the feel, the smell of a man. My relationship with either brings different things to the table. A man can't fulfill me the way a women can, and a women can't fulfill me the way a man can. My ultimate fantasy would be to have a relationship of equal standing with a man and a woman at the same time.

I have said all of that to say this. In my mind, my feelings are clear about why I seek relationships with both men and women. I am not "confused" about my choices, just like I would never say a lesbian, or a homosexual is confused about their feelings. I respect the decision that a lesbian is not attracted to a man, or bisexual. I don't place labels on a person because of their choices. Please respect the choice that I have made as an individual. You don't have to like it, but you do need to respect it.

My profile specifically says that I am seeking women. The only reason that I listed it that way is because I haven't been able to meet and connect with bisexual women, the way that I already connect with men, and I thought that this site could fascilitate that quickly, with as little drama as possible. Ironically, I have met a lot more men than women. I am not complaining, I have dated, and encountered with some very tall dark and sexy men along the way. Lots of love and kisses to them, they know who they are. But to that "SPECIAL" lady, if you're out there... let me know... I'm still waiting.

Any bisexual ladies out there that have the answers to my question, or anyone that has something positive to say, please holla back, let me know something...

If your comment is negative, please, keep it to yourself, and let that shit go.

Smooches to all...
Your girl,

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Hello! Here's the thing.Have you a good understanding of the word" curious"? I don't mean to be insulting or demeaning;however ,we as humans tend to take for granted a great many things.Humans are as varied as any created thing on earth. We each chose to look at the same thing in many different ways and to draw many different conclusions. This is one of the reasons that so many receive so different lessons from ona and the same experiences.One believes if he/she allows a person of the same gender to perform a sexual act on them it's ok -they are not homosexual,while another believes the opposite about the same act-they are only curious. Each person is bound by their belief system at the time of their involvement. Each person tends to feel they are educated and intelligent and adult enough to make their own decision. Ever do something that you thought was great and afterwards( hours,days,years)realize that maybe that wasn't such a great thing?One thing is sure,we all want to enjoy our lives ,live,love and be loved.Or as a good friend said" we all want to be accepted as we are and allowed to have a life without fear of aleination". I wonder why it is people who have been ostracized,would then free no qualms about ostracizing another? Rest assured,We'll know the truth after a while. It takes all"types" to make a world. Do remember, be prepared to live with the consequences of your decisions after you'd chosen. Too bad we can see all of them when we can't possibly know the outcome cause we've never experienced them before. Grace and Peace

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