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short story

This is one of my favorite parts of the short story:

"That night, after a meal of wiener schnitzel (wiener schnitzel!) we sat in front of the large picture window in his airy loft, gazing out at the illuminated city. He touched my face gently and murmured something in German.

"What?" I asked.

"I say, 'You are a beautiful child.'"

In a single phrase, all my personal vanity, father issues and compulsive needs to be coddled and infantilized were addressed and dispatched with the calm efficiency of a Swiss watchmaker. If ten thousand chimpanzees, implanted with the cloned brains of Casanova and Sigmund Freud were gathered in a vast laboratory, chained to typewriters, with the voice of God reading aloud my complete psychiatric records and unflattering testimonials from everyone I've ever dated (documents which, I am sure, share a disheartening similarity), in seventy years or more they could never discover a line that would get my clothes off faster."

By: Rachel Shukert


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