A fantasy for me  

sparky7545 41M
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6/26/2006 4:26 pm
A fantasy for me

I'm sitting here alone watching some good scary movies and it brought a new fantasy to mind hee hee I can see us on the couch, settling in to watch a good fright fest. Popcorn's on the coffee table, we're getting under the blanket and settling in. The movie starts off calmly enough so we are very cozy under the blanket. I can cup a breast, or rub your thigh, without meaning for it to go anywhere... But the action is picking up and you're getting spooked. Once in a while you jump, and you are snuggling tighter and tighter to me. You decide you can't watch anymore so you pull the covers over your head... After a few moments you get an evil idea and start sliding down the couch under the blanket. I feel you unbutton the front of my pajamas, and reach in to take out my penis. A couple of strokes and I'm instantly hard! Your mouth moves over the head and i see the blanket moving up and down. You are at your best tonight and I am in a state of Ecstasy. When I am done I explode in your mouth and I hear you giggling at me. I ask what's so funny and you ask how was the movie. I look over to see the credits rolling and I have no clue who the bad guy was!!! I pick you up in my arms and carry you to the bedroom, it's payback time for making me miss the end of the movie

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