chap. sky at morning  

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chap. sky at morning

The day before had dawned eerily calm. The ocean had been flat and listless and there were no waves for the optimistic surfers bobbing on the small crests. Today we stood on the empty beach beside Mercer's Pier watching the towering swells attack the wooden support pilings. Waves broke over the handrails and slapped the deck with white foamed rage where yesterday fishermen had cast out lines. The pier was now deserted; it shook and rocked. A lone surfer, flat on his board, bounced on the water, resting for another attempt at the vigorous Atlantic. Hurricane Diane lay slightly off the coast, biding her time. Brooding.
"You know what your problem is," asked Jeff. He shifted his bare feet in the white sand and stared up at the cast iron sky. Only a dim light, high in the east, escaped the darkening clouds.
"What's my problem?"
"You fall in love with every woman you fuck," he said, slowly shaking his head in disbelief.
"No. I don't." I picked up a broken conch and threw it sidearmed into the roaring surf. Then I pushed my hands deep into the pockets of my khaki shorts.
Jeff sat down in the sand and crossed his legs.
He ran a hand through his thick black hair. There was a faded scar on his forehead from a youthful motorcycle accident; an incident that involved a sheriff's deputy, a high speed chase through a rustling, brown cornfield and a concealed strand of barbed wire surrounding a long forgotten pond.
Jeff gave me that familiar half smile. He picked up a handfull of white sand and small shells and let them fall through the cracks between his fingers.
We were silent. Lightning flashed. A lone fishing trawler appeared on the horizon, headed home to a safe berth. Other than the roar of the surf, the beach was silent. The gulls and pelicans, as if possessing some secret knowledge, had disappeared. Lightning flashed again and we immediately heard the thunder. The storm was getting closer. The wind picked up sand and flung it into our eyes.
"Well, you know what they say. There's been many a sorry woman..." said Jeff.
"...ruin a good man," I finished. We laughed at the old joke.
"Don't take it so seriously," Jeff said. "She was a wild bitch."
He gave me a sly look.
"How was it, anyway?" he asked.
I watched a wave wash over the pier. The first drop of cold rain, sudden as a cough, landed on my bare arm. A vision of Judy appeared in my mind with her black hair and huge, limpid blue eyes.
Yes, how was it anyway, Judy, I thought. How was it that first night when we were out looking at the ocean and you suddenly looked me in the eyes and kissed me as if trying to engulf my soul? How was it when you lay in my bed all night teasing me until, on the verge of madness, I slid those black panties to the side and we made violent love as the surf crashed and the gulls circled and cried beyond the open window? And how was it at the Palm Room as rock and roll blasted from the jukebox and chairs fell over and drunken couples spilled beer and danced and we were oblivious to everything but the taste and feel of each other? How was it, Judy, when you filled those two days with your existence? And how was the third day when I called and found you had moved away?
"How was it? Worthwhile," I finally answered.
"I'll bet," said Jeff.
He reached over suddenly and grabbed my arm by the wrist, to read my watch. It was after eleven.
"Let's walk down to the Palm Room and grab a beer. Some early lunch," he said, standing up and brushing sand from the back of his shorts.
"No thanks. I think I'll stay awhile longer. Maybe this guy will see a wave he likes.," I said.
We both looked into the distance. At first it was hard to find him, but there he was, prone on his board. Sometimes he was completely hidden as he lay in the troughs. Then he would rise high to the top of a crest.
"Well, you know what they say?" said Jeff.
"Yea," I answered. "They say fuck it."
"Right. I'll buy you a beer when you get there. Don't be too long. The storm's almost here."
I watched him wade through the ankle deep surf where the sand was packed and easy to walk on until he became a moving black dot. I felt another cold rain drop from Diane. The surfer paddled to shore, tucked his board under his arm and left. I thought again of Judy and how she had stormed into my life, left her destruction and departed. As the lightning flashed overhead and boomed it's warning and the sky became even darker and bleak, I again saw her in my mind. Judy blue eyes...Judy blue eyes...Judy blue eyes...

There had been a party at my house on the beach that night. There was a small crowd of locals and a few informed tourists mingling, smoking and drinking. The sliding doors leading outside were open and some were gathered in small cliques on the beach in the back. Jeff and Kami were sitting together on the couch. Kami wore a colorful wrap around skirt with a low cut blouse. Her blond hair and makeup were meticulous as always. She ran her tongue around her red lips as she looked around for me. I caught her eye and walked over.
"I need another drink," she said. Her green eyes were shining with excitement.
I nudged Jeff with my foot.
"You got polio?" I asked.
"Oh, he's just being an asshole," Kami said. They didn't look at each other. In fact they looked away.
"Coming up," I said. I turned to go to the kitchen.
"By the way, I invited Judy blue eyes to come", said Kami.
"Sweet Judy blue eyes," I corrected. "Is Teak coming, too?"
"No. They broke up again last week. Just her."
I went to get her drink. I thought of how sexy Kami looked, how she towered above all the other women here. She oozed sexuality like other people sweat. I wondered, not for the first time, just how it would be to make love to her. Could she possibly be as passionate in bed as she was in the rest of her life? Suppose she came in here and I undid the buttons on her blouse and put my hand under that skirt and slid her thong off and...
I tried to shake the vision from my head. True, I had all but seen her naked when we lived together. But that is like having a Corvette that you can't drive. Pretty soon you stop thinking about it. Now that I lived away from them and didn't see her as much, she became more alluring. We still talked two or three times a day on the phone and I thought I knew every intimate detail of her life. Thought. You can never really know anyone. Not in the innermost sanctum of their mind.
I was outside on the beach when Judy walked up behind me.
"Hey," she said. Her hands were over my eyes. They felt cool and smelled of spilled beer and cigarettes. "Guess who?"
"Sonia looking for Raskolnikov?" I answered.
"Grushenka looking for Ivan?"
"Tess looking for Angel?"
"It's me, Judy."
I turned and we hugged. She wore a bikini top and a pair of short cutoff jeans. Her short black hair, still in the same dutchboy style, danced in the breeze. Her impossibly blue eyes looked at me intently. And as I sniffed the air there seemed to be some new scent about, floating on the wind, some faint almost ethereal essense.
There was an awkward silence. We stood there looking at the moving white line of surf and listened to the breakers. The wind blew and coated us lightly with a cool salt vapor.
"I heard you and Teak broke up," I said, finally.
"Oh, he's a sonofabitch. I caught him with a little tourist girl. At our house," she said.
"That's not good," I said.
"Do you think?" she said sarcastically. Then her voice softened. "How about you. You seeing anybody special?" she asked.
"Not really."
"Just the little sluts from the Palm Room, huh?"
"If they so desire," I answered. "I'm easy as Sunday with the New York Times."
She laughed at the joke and it eased the tension between us.
'You know, I've watched you in there when I was working and I wanted to climb over the bar and do this..."
Her arms were around my shoulders and then her mouth found mine. I kissed her back and our tongues did a lazy wet dance. Her hips softly ground into mine. I kissed her neck and took her earlobe into my mouth, gently biting and then my tongue was behind her ear searching for that sensitive spot and when I found it, she shivered.
Her hips pressed into me and I could feel her warm breasts through the thin top. I squeezed her through the blue jeans. Her nipples became hard and pressed into my chest. People leaving were starting to walk by us. We broke apart and stared at each other at arms length.
The party lasted about another hour. Jeff and Kami, still barely civil, had left early. Judy stayed and we talked until everyone was gone and we were alone in the house. About 4:20 she was in my bed in a bikini top and little silk panties.
She lay on her back in the halflight. A million stars dotted the sky through the open window. A cool breeze drifted through. Judy shivered and I pulled the spread over us. It engulfed us and we were in our own little world.
We lay on our sides kissing, tasting, biting, each trying to devour the other, trying to find their essence, their hidden core. I licked and gently bit on her neck until I again found that spot that had made her shiver. Then I worked my hands on the smooth dark skin of her back, messaging her supple muscles and working my fingers beneath the tie string. I gripped the string as if to loosen it and she pulled away and said, "Don't". She then lay on her back.
I leaned over her body and we kissed again. My fingers did small circles on her stomach and as we kissed and our tongues swirled around each other, I slowly worked them to her top. My finger gently traced the outline of the bottom, below her small breast and I wormed it underneath and felt the smooth warm skin. Then I had my hand around it and the sleeping nipple awoke under my caresses.
We turned on our sides and I bit that now familiar spot on her neck and felt her tremble. I undid the top and we broke our kiss and I dropped it to the floor. She lay on her back again and I kissed and nuzzled at her firm breasts, licking and wetly sucking at the nipples, playfully pushing them around with my nose. I ran my hand down her flat belly but she caught me at the waistband.
I looked at her and she just shook her head. So we were like that for about an hour. Finally I managed to get my hand between her legs. It lay without moving on the thin crotch of her panties, light as a feather, like it had happened by accident.
We lay still, tired from the exertions of fruitless passion. My cheek lay between her breasts and I lanquidly licked out at a nipple.
My fingertips barely moved on her panties. I applied slight, ever so slight pressure directly to that finger, pushing down on her ever so easy.
Then I increased the pressure and soon I was running it up and down along the hot moist cloth, tracing her damp slit. Her legs fell apart and I heard her heart beating beneath my head.
I slid my hand down the front of her panties and felt soft hair on my palm. With the force of my hand I pushed them down so I had easy access to her. She had a slick trench, no outer lips that I felt and I ran a finger in slow circles until I found the entrance and then it slipped in. I had a knuckle in, then another. I slowly worked up speed. With my thumb I searched for her clitoris and when I felt it, a small little rosebud, I rubbed it gently.
"That feels so goooood," Judy moaned.
I worked two fingers in her and when they were covered with her slippery secretions I pulled them out of her panties with an soft elastic snap and rubbed the juices on her nipples and licked and sucked them off. There was a faint smell of the bog, a slight whiff of low tide emanating from her. She tasted like ripe oysters from the sea. I put my hand back down there and my fingers slid right in. She gasped and her hips met my soft thrusts. I slid my head down her body, licking all the way, but she caught me and pulled me back up. She gripped my confused organ under my underwear. I had gone through several erections during the course of the night, but at her touch it became hard immediately.
Then I was on top of her rubbing it into her. I slid her panties to the side and entered her. It slid in with no resistance and very little pressure. She was in a trance after that, her eyes closed as if asleep. I was in no hurry and it was pink daylight when we finally finished. She told me to come in her, so I did, pressing myself into her as deep as I could get. I held it there for what seemed like minutes and it throbbed and throbbed and she looked at me and I fell into those deep blue pools of her eyes and couldn't climb back out.
"I felt it when you did that," she said.
"I'll bet you did,"
"I needed that. If I had known it was going to be so good I wouldn't have waited so long."
She rolled over on her side as if to sleep.
"Want to do something tomorrow night? Maybe go to the Palm Room. I'm off," she said.
"Sure," I answered.
So I had her for two days and two nights and I savored every moment. Then I called her house that third day and her roommate said she was gone to school in Baltimore. Be back next summer.
I almost dropped the phone.

The rain was starting to come down in torrents now so I raced across the beach to the Palm Room, where Jeff sat drinking a cold red snapper, earnestly talking to Nikki, the new blond bartender. When I walked in, drenched to the skin, he was trying to get her to pull her tube top down so he could see the rest of her tattoo. I laughed out loud. Some things never change.

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Yeah, the Wrightsville Beach thing threw me when I saw the Florida address...then realised you were blogging about the past...I always did Atlantic Beach and the circle or Emerald Isle...closer to my starting point Washington...never lived at either...could reach them in slightly more than hour anyhow. Good times...sigh...

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