chap. 21...happy birthday to me  

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chap. 21...happy birthday to me

Carolina Beach was never as sweet after the visit to Key West and a week later I itched to see Daphne. Kami sensed right away that things were different. I could see she felt she was losing control. There was an awkwardness to her, a superficial politeness, a phony smile. It was like there was a leg sticking out from under the bed and we were both trying our best to ignore it. Things had changed, the seasons had turned and we were both aware of it. Even Jeff noticed the coolness between us. He looked at us both, his big brown eyes full of questions. I didn't have the heart to tell him.
But then, maybe he already knew.
Maybe I was the one that was really in the dark.
She called me on a Wednesday night.
"You forgot my birthday," Kami said.
"Happy birthday to me."
"I'm sorry, Kam. I've got alot on my mind."
"I bet you do. You leave with one woman and come back a week later with another."
"Sound familiar."
She was silent. I expected her to hang up but instead I heard a long intake of breath and then she sighed.
"I want to talk to you about that," she finally said.
"No. I'm not interested. You do what you want."
"Baby, you don't understand. I want to talk to you."
"Not over the phone."
"We're having dinner at Crystal Pier tonight. It's my birthday dinner. Seven o'clock."

Crystal Pier had been worn out slowly by the many hurricanes that blew up the mouth of the Cape Fear River. It was like the death of a thousand cuts. Now the old ground floor bait shop and wooden piled fishing pier was three stories with a longer concrete pier that jutted out like a dare. The new bait shop was on the ground floor with a bar on the second. An elegant restaurant was on top with glass walls looking out over the pier and the ocean.
It was still light when I pulled up in the MGB and killed the engine. I didn't see either of their vehicles so I walked through the bait shop and out on the fishing pier. There were several groups clustered at various points along the wooden rail. At one group a fisherman held a rod up high over the rail as it bent like a set English longbow. Two kids looked over the rail intently screaming and pointing. A tall, big boned brunette woman, the incarnation of a bathing suit clad Calamity Jane, with a cigarette dangling from her mouth, calmly watched from the next place. She sat on the bench and kept one sharp eye on her three rods that were propped up, leaning on the rail.
Kids yelled and ran up and down, both excited and bored, making trips to and from the white sanded beach below. I walked to the end where the king mackeral fishermen were rigging with balloons clipped on one rod and a live bait on the other. These were serious, no nonsense sportsmen with a cartload of expensive equipment and they had basically set up camp at the end. I walked back down and watched as the sun started it's descent into the western horizon of rooftops and the Coast Guard station.
I looked at my watch. It was seven- fifteen. I went up the stairs to the bar and had a Tanqurey and tonic. There were a few couples sitting at scattered tables and two other men at the bar. The bartender was a young blond girl. There was an open textbook and a spiral notebook with pen close to the register. I sipped the gin and it tasted like pinestraw. I savored it like dark chocolate. It numbed my throat and then it went down like water.
My mind was awhirl with images of both Daphne and Kami. Scene upon scene played out simultaneously on the darkened stage in my head. Then Kami entered into the spotlight and pleaded her case with promises of pleasures future all the while showing me visions of pleasures past.
"Who else can make you feel like I do?" she asked, fading to black as Daphne entered from the other side of the stage, spotlight following like a halo.
She stood there like she had that day at Key West with the magnificent blue and aqua and turqouis water in the background. She hurt her hand while diving and now she cradled it in her other hand. Her entire face was fallen as if for a funeral. She looked at me with those sad green eyes and whimpered. She gave a pitiful ragamuffin smile.
"I hurt my paw," she said and held it out for me to kiss.
"Who else can make you feel like I do?" she asked and beckoned for me. She, too, faded and Kami strutted back on, naked, licking her red lips with anticipation.
"Another drink, sir?"
"Yes, please."
"Same glass?"
I nodded. I watched her make it and then she set it down on a round coaster. I felt a hand tap me on the right shoulder and when I turned Jeff snatched up the drink from my left and turned it up.
"Gin is my friend," he said.
He was wearing pressed Levis and a crisp white shirt that showed off his dark tan and black hair.
He set the drink back down.
"Kami is in the bathroom. She's going to meet us upstairs."
I turned the drink up while the bartender rang up the bill. We walked up the stairs and while Jeff talked to the woman at the reservation desk, Kami appeared. She was in her short denim skirt that she knew I loved and her top was undone enough to show a wonderous ski slope of tanned flesh. A crooked half smile was on her face as we stood and faced each other.
"You know I love you," she softly said.
I felt the tension ease from my body like a pain suddenly gone. I held out my arms and she fell into them. I kissed her familiar long neck and suddenly, she had the stage alone.

We went to their house after dinner and I sat in the living room with Jeff. Kami had immediately gone to the bedroom. The lights were dim. I watched the eleven o'clock local news with the volume down. Jeff slammed cabinet doors as he hunted for and found a dusty bottle of champagne.
He brought this and set it down on the small table in front of the couch where I sat. He left and returned with two glasses and a coffee cup filled with ice. Setting these down he picked up the champagne, pointed the cork at me and twisted it off. It went by my head like a sniper's bullet and slammed into the wall with a WHACK..
"Damn," I said.
"I know. I gotta work on my aim."
My mind was slightly muddled from the three or four drinks at Crystal Pier. I picked up the cork from my lap and set it on the table. Jeff shrugged and poured the clear liquid from the green bottle.
"Mohigan?" he asked.
"Kami! Come on!" he yelled.
I watched as the smoke curled up and rose toward the ceiling. It was a cool night, so Jeff got up and opened the windows and turned on the ceiling fan. It swirled the pungent wisps of smoke and soon thinned it to nothing.
The news crew was laughing at some private joke like the world was one long sit- com without the laugh track. If we had that it would all be funny to us, too, maybe. The blond anchor, fresh and perfect as an unplucked rose, solemnly reported details of the wreck that shut down I40 and killed an entire family. Then they were back to backslapping and good- natured ribbing.
"The bubble- headed bleach blond comes on at five," Jeff sang the Don Henly song.
"She can tell you about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye," I finished.
"Put on some music," said Kami from the bedroom.
"What?" Jeff asked.
"Play what's on there now. Light some candles."
Jeff turned off the tv and turned on the stereo.
He lit the candles and shadows soon danced on the walls. He sat back on the couch with me and picked up the coffee cup with champagne and drank it down. He poured us more. The first heartbeats of Pink Floyd's DSOM sounded. I slouched back and smoked and soon the music was around me like a wispy cloud.
Kami walked out of the bedroom and stood in the flickering candlelight before us. She had on a black lacy corset to which was attached sheer black stockings that ran down her long slim legs, ending in long shiny black stelletto heels. Her breasts were pushed up by the corset's cups, a thin guaze material. Her shoulders were bare and her long blond hair was brushed to a shimmer and half hid her face. She had on red panties through which blond hairs peeked out of the opening.
"I'm embarrassed," she said meekly. "Jeff gave me this for my birthday. Don't laugh."
I stared and swallowed. She sat down between us, picked up her glass and put it to her red lips and sipped. She reached to the ashtray. Jeff gave her a light and then he got up and went to the bedroom. We were alone.
"You know, we haven't had sex in over a month," she said matter of factly.
I nodded and said nothing.
"Dammit, are you still mad at me? It was just a kiss. It's not like you caught us fucking or anything."
"What was it all about, then?"
One corner of her mouth curled down as she looked at me. I reached over and moved the hair from out of her eyes. She took my hand and held it.
"Okay, then. I met him..."
"Who's him?"
"He's my old manager from the Shoe Store when I worked there."
"But you were fired from there."
She shugged.
"I thought women slept with their bosses to move up, not down."
She involuntarily laughed and her green eyes danced with amusement. She drank her champagne and waved the empty glass. I poured her more.
"I didn't say I slept with him," she said demurely.
She put the butt in the ashtray and stretching her long legs out on the table, she slouched back on the couch cushions. The black fishnet stockings and long sharp heels gave her a domineering presence in the flickering candlelight. Pink Floyd continued and she softly sang along.
"Let's not be us and them," she said. She pulled me down beside her and I put my legs up. Our faces were inches apart. I stared down at her breasts, their plump swell that I knew so well, only the areoles hidden.
"Tell me the rest," I said.
"It was before we started with the threesome. I had an affair with him. Jeff almost killed him when he found out."
She stared at me.
"Well, say something."
I felt numb as falling into cold water. I felt the blood drain from my face.
"Baby, it was before us. Don't be mad."
I got up and she pulled me back down.
"Look. Jeff was mad about something, some shoes I bought or something and then I got pissed and we didn't have sex for over a month. I don't know why. It just happened."
I looked at her with skepticism.
"And then it happened again. And again," she said sadly.
"You can understand why maybe I'm a bit upset, can't you?
She nodded.
"Why were you kissing him at Dolly's?"
"You don't think? What? You think we did it in the car? Maybe I gave him a blowjob for that little bit. Maybe Dolly helped. Is that what you think?"
"I don't know what to think."
"I was pretty drunk that night. I don't know how I even got there."
"You drove."
She raised up and shook me, staring into my eyes as if by force of will, she could make me understand. Then her green eyes flooded wth water and I watched as a tear formed in the corner and, slow as a melting glacier, slid down her sharp cheekbone and dripped onto a breast. I raised my head and gently licked it off. She pulled my face into her and I nestled there with my nose between them and tasted her bittersweet tears and inhaled her essense like coming home at last. I held her tight.
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Don't be mad at me, please. Nothing happened."
"I know."
"It's just you and Jeff. My two men that I love so much."
"We love you, too."
"I know you do."
We kissed and then she lay in my arms for a long time. Then, when Pink Floyd was silent, she got up and took my hand. We walked back to the bedroom.

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H B 2 Y

(a day late)

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

sparkee58 replies on 5/27/2006 2:58 am:
may 26
you're right on time.

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happy belated birthday...hope it was a good one

sparkee58 replies on 5/28/2006 1:32 am:
it was ok
went to the beach
had a clam bake at home

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happy day

sparkee58 replies on 5/28/2006 1:33 am:
thank you
love that new picture; what a beautiful, enigmatic smile

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~ Happy Belated Birthday ~

sparkee58 replies on 5/29/2006 1:39 am:
thanks, Cats

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