chap. 14...the last of the mohigan  

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chap. 14...the last of the mohigan

I sat in their kitchen, drinking coffee and reading the Wilmington Morning Star. It was nine o'clock on a warm, sunny winter morning two weeks after that charming Christmas interlude with Daphne. Kami sat across from me in matching red silk panties and bra. An unbuttoned, short, black lace nightgown billowed open and her wonderfull cleavage danced in my face as she stirred cream and sugar into her cup. She looked pale without makeup, older. Her long fingers trembled. Jeff was driving to Asheville and would be gone all day.
"It's the last of the mohigan," she said, sadly shaking her head.
"I know. Just a little bit."
"I might have some hidden around here. I'll have to look," she said. Her large mouth opened wide and she yawned. Blond hair lay on her head like a bad wig.
"Well, what?" she asked. She brushed a few strands away from her mouth and coughed, clearing her throat from last night's cigarettes.
"Are you going to look?"
"Give me a minute. I just got up. I haven't even drank my coffee,yet," she said and yawned again. She picked up the large, steaming mug with both hands and sipped.
"It's hot," she said.
"Hot coffee? Imagine that," I said impatiently.
She slanted her head and her sleepy green eyes flashed.
"Don't you be hateful," she said. She blew into the cup and sat back in the chair. I looked at the deep valley between her confined breasts. I knew that if I moved the red lace of her bra just a quarter inch the pink brown of her sensitive, wrinkled areola would be revealed. I felt a tingle in my testicles.
"So," Kami asked, "What did you do at your sister's for Christmas?"
"Nothing. Big dinner at mom's. Went to baby Lon's and had some beers. I saw Tommy and Mary."
"You didn't sleep with that jezebel,did you?" she asked. She put the cup down and brown coffee spilled onto the table.
I shook my head.
"I'll scratch her eyes out if she ever comes on to Jeff again."
I nodded.
"Bite her thumb off?" I asked.
Kami looked at me hard.
"Asshole," she said.
"I'm sorry. I'm kidding."
"You didn't see anybody? You'd tell me if you slept with somebody, wouldn't you?" she continued.
She took a drink of coffee and looked at me over the rim of the big mug.
"I didn't sleep with anybody," I told her. An involuntary smile formed on my lips. I held my teeth tight together to try to stifle it.
She watched my face closely.
"That's what I thought. Who was she? Do I know her?"
"Kam, there was nobody. Look at you. You are magnificent. Why would I ever want another woman?"
Kami smiled and pulled at her hair. That's what she wanted to hear.
"I'm not too magnificent this morning," she said.
"You are always magnificent."
She basked for a few moments in my compliment.
"So, what was her name. Was she a better lover than me?"
"Why don't you go look for the mohigan?"
"Alright!" she shouted.
I stared at her and she laughed.
"If you say one more word about it, I'll not look," she said softly.
I turned to the opinion page and read Krugman. Kami drank her coffee and looked lost in thought. Her eyes closed and a big, dreamy smile pitched tent on her face.
"You know, I don't think Jeff would be mad if you eat me while I put on my makeup," she said. A little girl asking for a cookie.
"Haven't we been here before?" I asked.
"I know. But I dream about it," she said. "I dream about your tongue. You make me come so much. I love your tongue."
"And my tongue loves you," I replied. I felt a definite stirring in my jeans.
"And your penis. You know, I dreamed about it last night. I love both my penises. I love Jeff's because it's so thick. And I love your's because it's longer than his. But when you eat me, I see stars. I literally black out. You're a much better lover than he is. You're the best lover I've ever had."
This all came out without guile, like discussing the weather. Kami looked into her empty cup and I got her more coffee. I thought about what she had said and sat the cup on the table before her.
I took her face in my hands and kissed her on the forehead.
"You're the best lover I've ever had, too," I softly said.
She pulled my face down and we kissed, our tongues slowly circling. We stopped and I moved her hair and kissed along her neck and shoulders.
She shivered. I sat back down.
"What are you going to do today." she asked.
"I don't know. I'm off."
"We can spend the day together, then!" she said. Her green eyes sparkled with delight.
"You can buy me lunch," I said.
"No. You can buy me lunch."
"Well, I might be persuaded if..."
"Okay. Okay. I'm going to look in a minute. Let me take a shower first and do my hair. Then I'll look for it," she said.
She finished her coffee and headed to her bedroom. I read the rest of the paper. I read some of the want ads. Then I read all the want ads. I looked at my watch. An hour had passed.
"Hey....come in here," she yelled from the other room.
She sat before a table with her chair pushed out. It was haphazardly loaded with bottles of oils, tubes, pencils and make up utensals of all sorts. I saw several clear clamshell cases with brushes that held colorful strips and flesh colored rouge. There were hair curlers and hair dryers whose cords were so knotted together someone must have snuck in during the night and tied them together as a joke. A couple of devices looked like they could have been used in the Spanish Inquisition.
Holding a hairbrush she turned her face to the side and looked in the mirror. She studied it, then looked up and saw me behind her. A big smile was on her face. She had changed into a flesh colored bra. That is all she wore. The four clasp bra with the wire underneath for support looked sturdy as industrial equipment. One of the clasps was undone, so I stepped over some damp towels and hooked it for her. My hands massaged her shoulders and I could see the light brown of her areoles and the slight impression her sleeping nipples made in the sheer material.
"I found it," she said.
"Let's see," I said. Our eyes were locked in the mirror.
"You have the most amazing blue eyes. I love to look at your eyes. Jeff has those interesting as dirt brown eyes," she said.
"Let's...see," I repeated.
"Unnn...uhhhhh. First you have to do something for me," she said. She looked back at her hair and brushed it some more. Then she stopped and we stared at each other in the mirror, the brush held still in midair. Her large mouth was closed, her lips puckered together.
"Like what?" I said. I leaned over and kissed her neck from behind. When I found the spot that made her neck curve involuntarily away, I concentrated my lips and teeth there.
"You know what I want."
"Tell me."
"I want you to make me come while I put on my makeup," she said matter of factly.
"Well, let me see it," I said.
"After," she said.
"How do I know..."
"Have I ever lied to you?", she asked.
"I don't know. I'm sure you have."
She opened a small jewelry box and in it, like a diamond nestled in red satin, lay a small green piece of flora about the size of the last joint of my thumb. She closed the box back with a snap.
"Now," I said.
"Later," she purred.
"You'll enjoy it more now," I said.
She thought about it and agreed. Afterwards, I sat on the floor before her as she looked into the mirror. Her chair was pushed away from the table more than she was used to and she had to reach over to get what she needed. Her hips were at the edge of the seat and her legs were spread wide. I looked up at her still damp blond bush. It felt soft as I ran my fingers through it and smelled of the perfumed body wash she had used. Her large pink lips were opened slightly. I lay my head on her thigh and took in her aroma, breathing in deep her essense as I traced around her pubis with my finger, the light fur soft as a kitten's belly.
I put my nose between the two large pink lips and lightly ran it up and down, separating them slightly. I felt her wetness. Then I traced her blond triangle with my tongue, starting at he top and slowly working down along the side. Kami's hips moved forward as I wetly licked closer, and then, bypassing the moist prize, I licked down under and then over to the other side and back up to the top.
I licked at the pink, wrinkled labia and my tongue slid between them and disappeared inside her. I tasted a sweet but bitter witch's brew of chemicals from the mixture of soap and Kami's own lucious elixar. Slowly, I slid my tongue in and out of her.
"Oh. That feels so gooooood!" Kami moaned, her hands busy at her face, applying a base. Her hips moved forward as she settled into a more comfortable position. She had dyed her blond hair a lighter shade, I just noticed. It was almost, but not quite, platinum as Marilyn Monroe's.
"You should dye it down here, too," I told her. With my palm facing upward, I slid one knuckle of my middle finger into her. It's wetness sucked it in and I felt the hot velvet flesh grab at it with a soft smacking sound. I moved it around her opening, stretching, feeling the edges and running it in a circle, gently tracing. I pulled it out and lightly rubbed her juices over the lips and up to her clitoris. It stood out, wanting attention. I sucked it up into my mouth and circled my tongue around it.
Kami gasped. Her long fingers held a small brush before her face and her eyes were closed.
I turned my head sideways and French kissed her vagina like a mouth, using my lips and teeth to suck and nibble at the loose pink folds. My tongue swirled inside her as if searching for her own. Juices were flowing now like a broken levee and the bitter chemical taste was gone. My mouth filled and I swallowed it down. It now tasted slightly of the sea, with that familiar muskiness lurking in the background.
"Ohhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhh," Kami softly moaned and her hips pressed against my face.
I turned my head back and just looked at her, her light blond hairs, thick at the triangle, then thinning out like a forest before the suburbs. Sunlight streaming through the window lit up the light, almost invisible hair along her thighs like an aura. Her fleshy labia looked like a pink Rorschach test. I took a labium into my mouth and moved my lips around it. Then I did the same with the other.
Kami had a pencil to her eye, intent, multitasking.
I licked up to her clitoris and ran my tongue around it several times. Then it traveled down and inside of her, smacking wet flesh, licking, probing, then back up and circling, circling, wetly licking.
"Ohhhhhhh! Don't stop! I"m going to come. Don't stop!"
I stopped.
I massaged and kissed the inside of her thighs.
"You always do this. I don't like it.," she said, looking down at me. Her face tightened and her classic, prominent cheekbones were displayed as she sadly shook her head in disappointment.
I slid a finger inside her and worked it in and out, feeling the clinging smooth wet flesh. There was a raging erection confined in my jeans and I imagined sliding it inside her, nudging aside the meaty lips, then through her tight slippery portal and then the engulfing firm, snug grip. My palm was turned up and I curled my middle finger and tried to find that sensitive spot. I moved my tongue to her clitoris and licked in a steady rhythm over and across it.
Soon Kami was moaning and a hand dropped down and her long fingers ran through my hair. She pulled my face toward her as I licked away and my finger lightly scratched at her from the inside.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" she shouted. "Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!"
I stopped.
"Don't stop! Baby, please don't stop," she pleaded. She looked down at me. Lust filled her green eyes.
I pulled away from her and she tried to keep it there, rubbing her wet slick flesh against my face, which became coated with her juices.
She came back down from the edge and her flashing eyes looked into mine.
"I will get you for this," she said. And I knew she meant it.
Taking the labia between my fingers, I spread them apart and plunged my tongue as deep inside her as it would go. I used two wet fingers to rub back and forth on her clitoris as I worked up speed until it was a race to the finish, a marathon near completion. Earthy groans came from Kami. Her fingers again ran through my hair, grasping gently, then firmly, threatening to pull some out. I felt her thighs tremble as my wet wriggling tongue licked at her and plunged in and then out.
Her free hand had grasped the table and she pulled my face to her. As she came, I swirled my tongue inside her, not stopping until her hands released my hair and her hips had stopped moving.
She lay limp in the chair, her head thrown back, eyes closed. A big smile lay on her red lips. A sigh, heavy as after a holiday feast, rumbled from her throat.
My tongue moved to her clitoris and I licked away like a mad man. She tried to pull my face away, but I continued and soon she came again, a much more intense orgasm like climbimg Everest and then climbing K2 as an added adventure.
"," she finally said, breathless, lightly panting. "I told you. I told you. I told you. I saw the stars, then. I was in another world."
I stood up and my erection was at her face. She gripped it firmly through the blue jeans.
"Later, baby. I've got to finish getting ready." She gently bit it.
I walked back to the kitchen adjusting myself, and started reading the sales papers. Another hour and she waltzed into the room glowing with healthy life, a big smile on her beautiful face. She wore my favorite short denim skirt with a white silk low cut button up blouse.
"Are you ready?" she asked.
We locked up and walked outside.
"Where do you want to eat?" I asked.
"I don't know. The Palm Room?" she anwered.
"Naw. I'm about sick of them."
"Cotton Exchange?"
"Too crowded."
"That sounds good."
"Okay. I think I want a shrimp salad. I'm starving. Are you starving?" she asked.
We got in her Taurus with me driving. The restaurant was on the mainland in Wilmington and Kami didn't want her hair blowing around by riding in the MGB. It was midweek and traffic was heavy for the lunch hour. We had sat at one stoplight twice when Kami casually reached over and squeezed me through the denim. I became hard almost instantly.
"Pablov's dog," she said and laughed. Her red nailed long fingers gripped the shaft firmy.
"Pavlov," I corrected.
"I think it's Kami's dog now," she said and licked her lips. We were still stopped a half mile from the light.
"Push the seat back and take it out. I want to see it," she said. There was amusement in her eyes. I put the car in Park and adjusted the seat all the way back, then unzipped my Levis. I guided it through the slot in front of my underwear. First the big pink head peeked through and then the hard shaft followed. It stood straight up. I lay my hands on top of the steering wheel.
Kami put her hand on my thigh and her long fingers caressed it. Then it moved over and cupped my testicles, gently squeezing. She rolled them around and pulled at them. With her index finger, she traced along the side of my shaft and over the head, which was now secreting a clear fluid, and then down the other side. Taking me firmly in her grip, her thumb did slow circles on the head, spreading the natural lubrication, until it glistened wetly in the sunlight. Kami put the thumb to her mouth and sucked off the juices. Then she gripped me again and started working the loose skin over the head in a steady, sensual rhythm.
The cars started moving, so I sat back in the seat and eased forward. Her hand felt so good on me. The line soon stopped and I put it in park again.
"Do you like it? Does it feel good?" she asked.
"Yes and yes," I answered.
Her hand worked and I felt a tingle.
"I'm going to come. We need some Kleenex or something," I said.
"No we don't," Kami said and stopped. She released me and I felt cool air around my shaft.
She leaned over and took me into her warm mouth and sucked on the head. She took it out and her wet tongue lashed at it, back and forth and across the plum head and down the sides. I felt a rumble. Kami took me again in her warm sucking mouth and, with her lips sealed around the shaft, she moved her head in circles and then up and down.
"I'm coming," I said, gripping the wheel. I felt a slight throb, light as a eddy of spring wind and Kami felt it, too. She sat back up and pulled the sun visor down. She adjusted her hair in the mirror.
I looked down at my erection and it looked back at me with it's one eye. Fluid leaked from it like a tear. There was a red ring about halfway down where Kami had first applied pressure with her lips. I knew that if I even looked at it too hard, I would explode all over myself. Kami looked out the side window, nonchalant as a summer morning.
I nodded my head and smiled. When we finally got through the light, my erection was gone and I stowed it back in my jeans.
Kami snickered. We pulled into the half full parking lot, parked and went inside.

There was a short wait at the reservation desk and then we were seated at our booth where we sat opposite each other. It had a long red tablecloth and on it lay heavy silverware wrapped in spotless white linen and empty, long stemmed water goblets. The walls were decorated with old rustic signs and quaint antiques were everywhere. It was a virtual museum of Americana. Wooden duck decoys, long retired from the field, sat on a shelf and beside them hung a pair of ice skates with peeling leather straps. An old, wooden golf driver leaned next to them in the corner.
We studied the menu.
"What are you going to get" Kami asked.
A young boy, dressed immaculately in black pants and crisp white shirt filled the goblets with icy water from a large pitcher, smiled and left. It was early afternoon and the lunch crowd was thinning out. Soon we were the only ones in the section as busboys cleared the tables. I looked at my watch. It was 1:30.
"I don't know," I answered.
The waitress came, a young coed from UNCW, and we ordered margaritas on the rocks.

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