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chap. sky at night

I never knew I had such a deep Carolina accent until I went to work with Sig on Bald Head Island. He was from East Islip, New York and everything to him was a "real pisser". Like foreigners, we could hardly understand each other. Over the years I have found, mainly in business dealings with a certain type of northerner, that my accent, rich as black loamed soil, always put me at an advantage. They automatically assume you are stupid. And so I play the part they hand me and sure as the sun rising, they soon reveal their true motives, thinking you will not understand. I wouldn't lose it for anything.
Kami and Jeff had met him at the Palm Room and that is how I got the job. We had been working together for six months when he asked me to go home with him for Christmas. So we flew into the city and took a New York limo out to Long Island, driving past miles of drab high rise apartment buildings, each indisdiguishable from the other. The traffic was congested; horns tooted and brakes squeeled in protest. We sat at a stoplight for ten minutes.
"This is a real pisser," I told Sig. We still had a serious buzz from the drinks on the plane. The stewardess had cut him off, finally, as we approached LaQuardia and he stumbled out of the bathroom to his seat.
We finally got over the bridge and were on Long Island and the traffic eased. Soon we arrived at Sig's parents house in Islip, where we both unpacked and showered. We ate a big, happy, homecoming meal and then Sig wanted to show me the neighborhood. He borrowed his father's car and we were off. The first person he wanted to see was Beth, his old girlfriend. She ran out the door and they were in each other's arms in the front yard. I looked at the open front door of the house and saw this stunning woman standing there, golden haired, looking confident and self contained, happy with her life. I got out of the car and walked around and our eyes locked. Her name was Tammy, Beth's best friend. And as Sig explained later, no man had ever held her interest longer than a week or two and only a few had ever slept with her.
After much laughing and hugging, Sig introduced everyone and I said "Hey" and their jaws literally dropped. Tammy looked at me with open mouthed delight.
"Say something else," she said. Then, sensing my uncomfortableness, her blue eyes softened .
'I'm sorry. It just sounds," she finally said.
Beth smiled and we hugged. She was a brunette and seemed a perfect match for Sig. They had been going out since high school and were trying to keep a long distance relationship going.
They seemed to fit together like Forrest Gump's peas and carrots.
"Maybe Tammy can be your interpretator," said Sig.
"Do you mean interpretor?" I asked him.
Tammy and Beth both laughed. Sig looked at me quizically.
"Well, let's go get a beer," he said.
We had beers at Sig's old hangout, a hulking old building with a huge horseshoe bar and scattered tables on planked floors and a large stage where a rock and roll band played. The four of us sat at a table and Sig got up and walked around hugging and slapping backs and I heard his familiar voice boom out from different places all over the bar, "That's a real pisser!"
So we talked and I, of course, layed the accent on rather thick for their enjoyment. We talked about Sig, since he wasn't there. But he soon sat back down and then it was late so we took them home and we were back at Sig's parents. Sig was down for a week, but I was flying back tomorrow night.
I didn't see Tammy again. We had a good time together, I thought. But one evening of conversation and long looks and soft brushing of hands didn't usually affect me like this. Like that song, "Afternoon Delight" playing over and over in your head. And as much as you try to stop it it continues, a never ending loop, all day long. See what I mean?
The next morning, Sig and I got up early because he wanted to drive me around the island. We went north to Oyster Bay and he pointed out across the lapping water to Fire Island, a tree lined silhouette. Traveling south, every house it seemed had a boat in the yard. It was a Saturday morning, but the people were alive with industry.
Men were working on their boats, their houses, their cars. We stopped at a McDonalds for breakfast.
I waited in the long, noisy line and when I ordered the noise just stopped. It became almost dead silent.
"You want what?" the young girl behind the counter said. Her mouth was open with wonder. Everybody was stareing.
"Ohh," said Sig behind me, "It's like EF Hutton."
So I said it again, let it slide out like thick
aged molasses. Sig stepped up to the counter.
"I'm his interpretator. He wants a big bowl of grits and one of those chittling biscuits. To go."
The girl looked confused now, but in a New York minute, the novelty had worn and we were out the door.
I flew home the next day, the weary world traveler and Jeff picked me up at the Wilmington airport.
I saw Sig at work the next week and he looked refreshed, but happy to be back. We were leaning on the rail of the small passenger ferry going over to Bald Head Island. We were halfway through the half hour trip and Chicken Island was shrouded with a rising mist. There was a heavy funk of low tide mixed with salt spray. A spanish mackeral jumped nearby and we heard the splash and saw the ripples.
"Beth is coming down next week and stay for a couple of nights," he told me.
I nodded my head. A school of dolphin had surfaced one at a time and I was trying to guess where they would rise next.
"I don't know what you did, but Tammy is coming, too."
I suddenly lost interest in the dolphins.

Carolina Beach in the winter is like an old mine town that had played out it's lode. Tammy held onto my arm as we walked by the Silver Dollar where we saw the the old regulars through the wide open doors, hunched on worn wooden barstools nursing drafts in cold mugs. A man in shorts and flannel shirt held a pool stick as he fed dollars into the jukebox. It was late afternoon and unseasonably warm. We heard the roar of the surf and then the sharp smack of pool balls.
"I really don't trust Sig's roommate," she said.
We had been on the beach all day and she had a red glow. She wore a long sun dress and sandles. Her long blond hair was tied in a tail. Our arms had fallen together naturally, as if reaching out.
"You know what, I don't either," I said.
" He just seems...I don't know....creepy." she said.
"You had better watch him."
"Beth says the same thing."
"You want to get a beer here?" I asked. We stopped for a second and she looked inside. A large wild haired woman was turned around at her perch at the bar and a slobbering drunk was leaning over her from both sides. She shook her head. We walked up the steps to the boardwalk and over the fragile dunes and took our shoes off. Her hand gripped my shoulder as she lifted up her slim legs one at a time. The sand felt cool to our feet and we walked up to where the cold Atlantic just tickled our toes.
The beach was deserted. A pelican soared over us and circled over the water. It spotted it's prey and dived straight down, at the last second turning it's body before it hit and then disappeared under the water. A few seconds later, it surfaced. Seagulls flutterd and screeched like banshies at our intrusion.
We looked out at a fishing trawler, pulling in the nets, coming home. I dug my toes into the sand and, for the first time, we kissed. It was wet and sweet and came all the way up from from my dug in toes. It lasted a long time but then the water crept over our ankles and we gasped relunctantly broke apart. Tammy laughed.
"Why don't you sleep over tonight? On the couch," she asked. Her arms were around my neck and her blue eyes looked pleadingly into mine.
"Okay. If it'll make you feel better," I said.
We walked back to the boardwalk and washed the sand from our feet with the cold city water from the taps. We waited for them to dry, sitting back in the wooden benches facing the beach and then we walked to The Crow's Nest for dinner where a local singer sang James Taylor songs and we ate steamed oysters and shrimp. It was almost deserted and had a darkly intimate atmosphere.
"What are you reading?," she asked me. The oysters arrived, resting on the half shell.
"A book about Einstein," I said.
"Ah. Physics. E equals MC squared."
"Yea. Relativity and such. I'm trying to get my mind around some of this stuff."
"Like what?" she asked.
She took a swallow of her white wine. The waiter came with the shrimp and sat it down. The singer began singing "Fire and Rain," and Tammy lightly sang along. She pulled the skin off the pink shrimp, dipped it into the cocktail sauce. She held it to my mouth. I bit down and my mouth exploded with flavor.
"Like what?" she repeated.
"Well, if gravity is the force that holds us to the earth, then why do we feel pressure on our feet and not our heads? Like something was pushing up. Not down."
"I don't know," she said. "Why?"
"I don't know either. The speed of the earth rushing through space, I think, gives that pressure. Like centrifugal force."
"But then, if we are rushing through space what about the people on the other side of the world. Wouldn't they have to hang on?"
She looked at me to see if I was serious and then we laughed. The shrimp shells were piling up and some fell to the floor as if trying to escape.
"What are you reading?" I asked.
"Erica Jong. "Fear of Flying"."
"Excellent choice."
We lingered and had more wine and then coffee with Khalua and then the singer took a break and we left five dollars in his tip jar. We walked around the silent arcades and locked up tshirt stores and surfshops and talked. An intelligent, wide ranging conversation with a beautiful, smart woman is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs I know of. I was completely charmed by this woman.

We all got together later that night at Sig's. Jeff and Kami came and stayed awhile and as I walked them to their car Kami pulled me aside.
"Why don't you go home with us?" she asked. She put her arms around my neck and pushed her breasts against my chest. I buried my face in her neck and gently bit inhaling her aroma, tasting her essence with my tongue.
"Mmmmmmmmmm," she moaned. Her red nailed fingers gripped me under my jeans and squeezed. I became hard instantly.
"Talk about Pavlov's dog," I said.
'Pavlov's who?" she asked.
"Come on and go. I've got Crown Royal at the house," Jeff yelled out the open car window.
I shook my head at him and Kami held me at arms length. Her green eyes looked cold. She squeezed me hard between the legs. Shaking her head, she gave me a disgusted look and then they were gone. Back inside Sig and Beth were in bed. Tammy and Jim, Sig's roommate were silently watching tv. Tension hung in the air like cigarette smoke. Tammy said she was sleepy and kissed me lightly goodnight. Then Jim went to bed and I stretched out on the couch and tried to sleep.
About two in the morning I heard my name being called.
"I can't sleep," Tammy said.
I sat up and she sat down beside me. She wore a long t shirt and her bare arms and legs were dappled with goose bumps. Her golden hair was undone and tossled. Her eyes were red and puffy with sleep. She looked elegantly bedraggled.
"Here, get under the covers," I said and threw the blanket over us. She snuggled into me and we sat there in the halflight from the rising moon that filtered through the bamboo blinds. The house was silent. Tammy yawned. Seconds later, so did I. We lay down to sleep and I wrapped my arms around her, my nose and cheek nestled in the side of her neck. I moved loose blond strands away and lightly kissed it, licking the smooth skin with my wet tongue, taking in a strange new perfume and the taste was sweet, yet with the bite of the sea from the light ocean spray from our earlier walk.
Tammy sighed and moved her body back against mine, grinding against my hardness.
I took her earlobe into my mouth, sucking it in and licking, my tongue sliding across the gap under the lobe and around the top. My hands moved to her small breasts, my fingertips lightly tracing the bottom of one under the shirt. And then it slid slowly over to the nipple and did circles, easy circles. It slowly became hard and Tammy moved into me and a sound came from her that was close to the purring of a cat, a rich, happy moaning from the soul. I pulled the neck of the shirt down and gently kissed the soft sun burned
skin on her shoulder. She turned and lay on her back and we kissed with rolling, wet tongues.
I pulled the tshirt up and put my head to her stomach, kissing her navel, licking and kissing up to her soft white breasts. At the same time, a hand crept south and soon the fingers were under the elastic of her silk panties.
"I want to eat you," I told her . her hands were running through my hair as I licked a nipple.
She shook her head. My fingers had gained entry and now were slowly making their way through the blond forest. A fingertip found the door to the castle. Tammy opened her legs wider and I began doing slow circles with my finger until I found the wet, slick opening. I slowly slid just the fingertip in, one knuckle in and out and then two knuckles, slowly. Tammy moved her hips ever so.
I took the wet fingertips and slid it to her small button of a clitoris and did circles. And then ran down the slick tench back inside her.
I started to move my head down licking as I went, kissing, again at her navel. I stuck my tongue under the waistband of her panties and licked.
"No," she said, pulling me up.
"Why not?" I asked. I kissed her and our tongues swirled.
"I don't know. Nobody has ever done that before," she said.
"Trust me. You'll like it. If you don't, I'll stop. Okay?"
"Okay," she said. Her blue eyes showed skepticism. I slid a finger deep inside her.
"Just lay back and enjoy. Empty your mind of everything except sensation."
I slid off the couch and got on my knees. Taking hold of her panties from the side, she lifted up and I pulled them off. The covers fell to the side.
I took hold of her leg and held her foot to my mouth.
"Just close your eyes," I told her.
I stuck my tongue between her two smallest toes and slid it in and out and then between the next two, slowly as she simmered with expectation from my foreshadowing. I soon had her big toe in my mouth and I sucked it like a huge nipple.
Tammy giggled. I moved my massaging fingers to her strong firm calf and then my mouth, licking and kissing the sensitive skin. Then I was kissing the smooth skin inside her thigh. I kissed all around her pubis, never touching it, tracing the outline of her blond hair with my tongue. It flicked just scant millimeters from the prize, always close, never quite there. I inhaled her aroma, a light musk with a whiff of the briny sea. Two pink lips guarded the portal and I licked between them ever so lightly so that my tongue glided through them and I tasted her,; oysters on the half shell. Then I reached for her other leg and put my tongue between her smallest toes and worked my way up her lovely body.
When I got to her pussy again I spread her legs wide and parted her lips with my nose. It slid right in and Tammy moaned with pleasure. I slid my tongue inside her as far as it would go and worked it in and out. She was soaking and her hands found my hair.
"No," I said. "Just lay back and enjoy."
She nodded and lay still. I sucked her labia into my mouth and licked it. My tongue found a wet path from her hot slick slit to her clitoris where it did wet circles. I gently sucked it up into my mouth, licking. Then back down and my tongue deep inside.
"Ohhhhhhhhh," Tammy moaned and she started shaking. Almost there.
I stopped and pulled my face away and licked at her inner thighs. She moaned with disappointment as her orgasm slid away.
Still on my knees before her, I put my chin and face into her and gently ground it around until I was coated with her slick essence. She ground into my face. I stuck two fingers into her reaching upward, tickling with the ends as I licked and sucked at her swollen clitoris. I increases my speed and this time she climaxed, holding my head with her hands, pushing my tongue deep inside her.
"Wasn't so bad, now was it?" I asked as we kissed after.
"Well, it wasn't exactly a trip to the dentist," she said.
We lay back on the couch. Her hand was around my raging hardon, her thumb rolling over the large pink head, spreading the clear natural lubrication.
"Now you lay back," she said and got to her knees on the floor.
"Close your eyes. I don't want you to watch."
So I did as she asked and relied only on sensation. I felt her firm grip on me at the base and then I felt something wet flicking and licking up and down the hard shaft and then on the side of the plum like head. I felt warm breath on me and then her wet sucking mouth took me in. She held me in her mouth, not moving as her tongue licked back and forth along the bottom of the skin under the head. Then I felt her take in more and soon she slowly worked her mouth up and down, stopping every once in a while to lick up and down the shaft and swirl her wet tongue around and around the head. After a few minutes I felt the first rumblings of an orgasm, so I pulled her up gently back up to the couch.
"Do you have a condom" she asked.
I shook my head.
"Wait a minute," she said. Then she was gone, leaving me gripping my erection. She came back and tore open the package. Taking me in a firm grip, she took me in her mouth again and then she slid the condom on. I moved over and she lay down. My fingers slid right in. It seemed the same hot furnace, but was cooled down a bit.
I moved over her and she guided it and then I was inside her. We lay still not moving. I put my mouth to her neck and kissed it, nuzzled her ear. I slowly started moving inside her. For some reason the poet Robert Burns came to my mind. I whispered in her ear, "O,my luve's like a red, red rose, that's newly sprung in June. Oh, my luve's like the melodie, that's sweetly played in tune."
We moved sensually together, not hurrying.
"As fair art thou, my bonnie lass, So deep in luve am I; And I will luve thee still, my dear, till a' the seas gang dry." I whispered. Her breathing became heavy as I pulled all the way out with just the head inside her. I stayed like this as she worked her hips around it, rotating, taking in an inch, then two, stretching for more. Then I eased in all the way and we worked up a good speed and then we stopped again, grinding and working side to side.
"Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear, and the rocks melt with the sun; And I will luve thee still, my dear, While the sands o' life shall run."
Tammy wrapped her legs around my back and we cried out together and lay still. We were both exhausted and after much soft kissing we soon fell asleep. She got up before sunrise and I watched her pull on her panties. She leaned over and kissed me.
"I'm really going to miss you," she said and pushed the hair out of my eyes. Then she was gone to pack for their early flight.
We took them to the airport and it was a sad scene. Beth was crying and holding on to Sig. I stood with Tammy at the gate and we talked, holding hands and finding any excuse to put our hands on each other. They called their flight over the loudspeakers and we kissed and she walked into the belly of the plane and was gone. I mouthed the final verse from that Burns poem as I watched the plane taxi down the runway.
"And fare-thee-weel, my only luve!
And fare-thee-weel, a while,
And I will come again, my luve,
Tho' 'twere ten thousand mile."
Sig looked at me and scrunched up his eyes.
"Let's get a beer at the Sliver Dollar," he said patting me on the back. "I'm buying the first one."
I followed him out silently, unable to speak as I tried to force my heart back down my throat.

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