Vegas Style....  

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4/21/2006 9:15 pm

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Vegas Style....

What's up to whomever deems it worthwhile to check out what I'm talking about. I have been here in Vegas since Aug 2005. I came BACK out here at the behest of a baby's momma...(drama). At any rate when I got back out here, I signed up for Gold here on AdultFriendFinder, just to see what was out here that I could work up on. I've talked to a few women out here that might have been good to go, if you know what I'm saying , but for some reason, we just couldn't get it together. BUT!!!; there were a couple that took the time to get in touch with me... They know who they are. I'm truly glad that I met them both, but one kinda knocked me out the box... let me say it like this... I was in a dramatic situation and one of my new friends decided that I shouldn't be living like that, so she gave me an we are a we live together, shop for each other's kids and all that. I am happy with this situation, but this isn't the person that I originally started dealing with. I really am nuts about my baby, but when we hooked up, she was out there... like a stone cold freak... now she's not, cause she wants to concentrate on me... I translate this as: I don't want to share you, until I'm ready to share you. Now I wanna pose a question to all the good folks reading this... Should her ideas and situations deter me from doing what I do? I mean yes we are a couple now, and yes we are in love... wanna do the long term thing is we can get past each others' bullshit, etc.,and so on. But I liked the little freak that I met in the beginning... I like what we have now, this exclusive situation, but I don't know if it's just me wanting to get back out there, and not wanting to wait for her to make up our collective mind; or if it was more of a turn on for me knowing that she was out there doing something else (read: someONE else), and that in turn gve me the right to do someONE else myself?
I'm open to comments, suggestions etc.

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4/21/2006 11:57 pm

communication seems the key here....

welcome to blogging, gud luck

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