an ungodly hour  

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2/7/2006 5:59 pm

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9/11/2007 4:24 pm

an ungodly hour

Im sitting here at 1.40am not long out of a bath and just wondering why am i not tucked up in my bed dreaming of all the naughty things in life i could do, not bad things but horny things. I like to go online and check my emails without the idea of someone looking over my shoulder to see what im doing,what im checking out or what im writing, PRIVACY is the name of the game. So here i am thinking of sex as usual and i think to myself well what can i get up to now, so here goes i will try. A man 10yrs younger than me would like to meet me for the simple fact that he has a non exsisting sex life at home with his wife, a few men i have chatted to all say the same, they want what they are missing at home, sex, bjs, company of a fun loving female, well thats me, i think within reason u can satisfy a man without going too perverted, i really dont see the need if u can satisfy a man in the normal way of love making then why lower yourself to do things disgusting, and really if a man cannot take the normal things then he needs to be castrated,lol,i spoke to a man whose wife has never even masturbated him never mind gave him a bj, poor lamb needs to be given a bj to put him out of his misery but, what if he likes it too much and wants lots more, he wont get from the little woman shes already said shes not putting that disgusting thing in her mouth, well i have one thing to say to all those women out there who have never tried giving a bj, U DONT NO WHAT UR MISSING OUT ON lol, honestly as long as the mans cock is clean there is no harm at all of putting it in ur mouth, but i must admit the swallowing is the one thing that a lot of women will not do and i can understand where they are coming from, when i was 21 i was going out with a great guy who was in the army when we met but 8yrs down the line and long distance and a baby son took its toll on our relationship plus the fact that i wouldnt touch his cock either didnt help, but boy o boy have i learned over the yrs and will never look back now, blimey im rambling on goodnite all sleep well.

rm_Robbie3365 40M

1/7/2007 3:37 pm

love the way u put things - especially bj's - i agree women should do it more -also i like to go down on women - return the favour

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