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12/15/2005 10:58 pm

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Yahoo sex

Over the last 2 wks ive been chatting with an older man online, always late at nite so that his wife doesnt read what he writes. The sex has been amazing,erotic + truelly on turn on + a half, lol, he is so gently + loving in what he writes, things that he would do to me if we met. Ive said to him when hes on'so where r we off to tonite, he replied on the orient express for the ride of ur life, and off we go for a 3 day trip as he puts it, its extremely good fun and he makes me laugh too which is a bonus i think, he will then proceed to tell me how he will embrace me, kiss me, feel my breasts then suck on my nipples + then he starts going down to the desired place, the place of heaven on earth. Who cares what size a person is or their age if they r still actively fit great, its all the more sex for us nymphos, lol. Last nite we were on a beach, the sea was clear blue absolutely beautiful and the sky was clear, it was a calm peaceful evening, he put a blanket on the ground, being the gentleman he is, let me sit down first then sat beside me, we started by kissing + cuddling and then he lay me down so he could start playing away with my breasts,cupping them and being so gentle not wanting to hurt me, we moved round to a 69 position, i yell u he,s not bad for a 50+ man, wow his tongue is starting to do wonders on my clit, i in turn take his lovely cock in my hands and mouth to gently suck, lick + caress, he,s shuddering, its been along time since a woman done that to him, but he,s enjoying every minute of it, oops he came in my mouth, and love him he,s apologising, but it has been a while for him, but i suck it all up not dropping any, and as usual ive came for about the 6th time and he,s only licking + putting 2 fingers in my now very wet pussy, he,s working his way bak up to meet my lips and give me loving kisses before putting his very erect cock in my soaking pussy, thanking me for taking him in my mouth, its ok i tell him i enjoyed it too, oh boy does he know what to do too we climax together great just the way i like it to go, sorry guys but there r some out there that cant get the hang of that yet but in time u will,afterwards we lay cuddled together on the blanket looking up at the clear blue sky.

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3/5/2006 9:02 pm



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