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2/11/2006 12:47 pm

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To be able to believe you at first have to believe in yourself, that sometimes can be a hard thing to do, especially if you have people around you that persistantly put you down or say things to totally dampen your spirit. I have to admit that these days are not as easy to live by as they were when i or pals of mine were children, but some day i will totally find ME then i will wonder what kept me from finding it sooner, or maybe it is just because i have so much negativity around me. I believe in me so i know that one day soon i will find what i have been looking for all these years. I think that the time i find what i have been looking for will happen when i am on my own, living alone, my children grown up and away from home is going to be my time for reflection and sorting out all the wrong things and right things i have done in my life, and all the good things i have done to help people and all they have done is turned round and basically threw it back in my face. There is no reason on this planet for people to treat other people with so much disrespect, and tell lies thinking that they will never get found out,WRONG, its easier to catch a lier than it is to catch a thief, or at least thats the way the saying goes, my luck it would just be an old wives tale, but there you go. So to believe YOU have to believe in yourself.

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Thats some message Pam

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