The rest of my story...  

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2/28/2006 3:27 am

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The rest of my story...

Let’s just be honest. I know what I’m looking for… "if in any - way" I’m not what your looking for…. don’t waist my time or yours. If you read my outline here and don’t find it matching your needs… Please don’t waist my time. Now with that being said.

I’m 45… I’m 5’6 and I am a very plump and very friendly female. Most people like me sooner than later. I tend to be in charge of a lot of things at once (that leads to trouble sometimes).
I have light reddish hair, slightly redder than strawberry blond.
I have extremely, fair skin and light pink female parts ( J ) that proves I’m a true to the root redhead.
I’m about 42DD, 36, 46 give or take an inch.
I love sex and have no problem sharing with the right person.
I do have to warn you. I am an anal virgin and would have to be lead "very, very", slowly over time by someone who felt that he needed access eventually to hold to his true character. I once had some one tell me she had never seen someone so tight.. she had extreme trouble getting in just a small dildo. So I can promise you we would have a struggle.

I don’t have any children left at home.
I have my own life and I’m very busy about 70% of the time (I own my own business).
The other 30% of my life is totally my own without many restrictions.
I live in a committed relationship that I have no plans of ending. I just have stress needs that are not always meet. I don’t wish to handle stress with drugs, I would just like to meet another man who understands my search for other answers.

I have a problem with my behaviour at times when I get really stressed out. I’m looking for someone who is experience (and understand the need) in helping females with this problem.

I am looking for a man who is reasonably dominate, who carries his own ping pong paddle (they tend not to leave marks) and he his not afraid to use it on the backside of females who have issues.

This man should have his own life and not be needy. He should be available for an "limited" outside responsibility and expect that in return. This man should love seeing and "feeling" a big red bottom on a female that he has just spanked. He should realize the need of showing a woman how much better life was when a man could be a man, when he found himself in the position of "punishing" his female (wife, mistress, daughter, or other ?), not just accepting things as they are. He should demand that females be held accountable for letting life get the better of them. A man should not have to run away from his natural disciplining responsibilities, he should demand that life’s responsibilities must be meet, no matter how small..

If this sounds like you maybe we could both benefit from a limited arraignment. You could get back to your natural state that has been limited by our "new" society. I could have a person who understands some females just need a "helping hand" to get by in today’s stressful world.

If you would like to email me… I could send you an outline of my first relationship that worked wonders for me (he moved away about two years ago). This will help you understand my limits.
You could just send me your requirements and we can see if it’s a match!

PS: This lifestyle has helped me with everything from being a bitch to losing weight. I’m sure it would help me be a better person again if I can find the right match. Sometimes accountability is everything, don’t you think (know)?

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