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About freedom ( November 2002 )

When you’re running out of time any ambition to rearrange your thoughts, adumbrations, daily news in vain ‒ prey of the lions.
They perish in the pandemonium of incidents, which sprawl like a jungle in their consequent spontaneity and weave in every laborious created structure, plan and organization, embarrassing those until inanition.
To schedule ones time and energy, most important of all lessons.

Keep your individuality by following your ambitions restrictively, that they might pass their very first obstacle at least: the merciless trickling of a truly useful and efficient time in its fertile spread.
Method and efficiency would match this hurdle as soon as one has decoded the phenomenon of ones time for oneself.

Dilatoriness up to laziness, like the indolence of the lords of time, these lions who administrate every ambition making it playmate or prey will be freedom then, when in the space of it, like a time-lapse seconds become minutes, hours days, weeks months, years decades, centuries millennia. As if history would be a sentence, a sentence could be history.
That’s possibly the reason for the ambivalence in the meaning of freedom and dilatoriness in the polish language ‒ both find expression in the word wolnosc.
What kind of tensions and rhythms, what kind of sudden fluctuation of coincidence the dynamic of peculiar experience of time is subordinated ?
How human instinct is advancing in a virtual and technological vegetation ?
Let the lions pass ‒ they carry the answers in their manes !

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