Plumbing: love using it, hate working on it  

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5/1/2006 6:39 pm

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Plumbing: love using it, hate working on it

The last three days have been plumbing hell here on the prairie. First load of laundry Saturday morning backed up through the nearest toilet. Got part of the sewer rooted out, which seemed to fix the problem. Then load three backed up. Got the whole 300' or so rooted out Sunday morning. That seemed to help.

Wife had noticed a suspiciously green stretch of lawn above part of the sewer line, suspected a leak. Saturday we started digging, and found the line, but no evidence of a leak yet. Sunday we dug about 10' along the length, still no evidence of a leak. Monday we extended a little further east and found a complete break in the line, with roots infiltrating it.

It took three trips to two different stores to get everything we needed to fix it, due to changes in available pipe size over the last 27 years. Thank God for rubber couplings with enough give to accommodate 4" ID and 4" OD pipe! It seems to be holding water. We've back-filled sand to support the pipe. The rest of the backfill will wait til tomorrow.


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5/3/2006 6:21 pm

Had a bad day, huh?


Purry {=}


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