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8/17/2006 10:14 am

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Hey BABY you think? when you up for it ? oops I think I quoted someone ,Wishing I was single having a live-in just like being tied to a bed with your legs spread open hahaha why do you think that the older we get we feel we need to test the deep waters I for one should settle down but I don't wanna get old and wrinkly and not have any more fun but then again being tied to a certain one makes it harder to get out he be kickin me tushh if he busted me and guys on here some say they be discreet and what happens ha some even think it's funny to see you and come up to you and try to conversate or they find out where you live and honk honk at 2 ,3 in da mornin when I'm single that didn't bother me ,but yes what the heck am I doin on here then? Well for one I started yrs ago being a member and have made some cool friends since the start have played as a cpl, single, now attached with the other half unknown to my fantasies should I tell him or just try ever now and then to getaway

yeababyyea2006 53M

8/18/2006 10:37 pm

never never ever ever ever never never ever tell. A now and then getaway is always more fun. Advice from a typical Male.

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