Too close to 40  

soyencantadora 49F
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7/26/2006 6:33 am

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8/17/2006 10:19 am

Too close to 40

Well another yr gone by and everytime I log on my age pops up to remind me why doesn't it just stay put? Been behaving it's actually been 2 wks I think since I met some cool ppls Got my juices flowin had a great time .

ZZ_Todd 59M

7/26/2006 10:59 am

Relax! There is a lot of truth behind the old saying: "Life begins at 40!" It's a perfect age... young enough to enjoy youth and old enough to have and share wisdom.

ZZ_Todd 59M

7/26/2006 11:01 am

P.S. And there for sure is a whole lot of truth behind another old saying: "Older women ARE beautiful lovers!"

rm_mrusfl2 34M
5 posts
7/27/2006 1:27 am

hey there soyencantadora i've read your blog a couple of times now thought i might give it a shot and ask you if you might want to chat sometime i love mature women and you seem dow to earth take care mrusfl2

emewz44 56M

7/29/2006 9:16 am

Still think of our fun together....miss ya ...and yes your'e beautiful!

yeababyyea2006 53M

8/17/2006 7:44 am

Hey there gorgeous...
I am not sure if it your hot pics or your fun attitude ( probably both ).... But you make me Randyyyyy babeeeeeeee. Forty will look good on you and you would look good on yeababyyea2006. Sorry I could not resist that last part.

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