#1- gambling  

southernman1967 49M
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3/14/2006 8:14 am
#1- gambling

Well here goes the first one. maby i wont bore everyone with my exciting life, and thoughts. Went to Philadelphia, Mississippi over the week end. hade a free night at the casino so decided to use it. I didn't have anything else to do, so why not. Got down there at about 4pm. I walked arround for awhile, no reason to start throwing your $ right away. Iusually do that, walk arround for awhile, look and see what machines are hitting. watch the tables. I'll usually start off at the moon. and finish up at the star. for some reason i had no desire to start gambling right away. ate at about 5pm. and went to the room for a bit,and watched the rest of the bush race. Or i should say i tried to watch the race. after a few beers. long drive, food, walking arround for 1 hr. i went to sleep. but i did see the last 15 laps. I finally decided to go hit a few machines at the star. If anyone is familure with the star, you might know where i went. Blazing 7. against the side wall,next to the back bar. between the restrooms.$1 machines, if you hit them at the right time it doesnt matter witch machine you sit at. you are gonna hit. took $100. first, in 1 hr. had $250. in 3hrs. up to $800. hit stopped when i finally had $1000. decided to go to bed for the night. got up at about 7am. made my way down. got coffee and a roll at the bean. and went back to the star. sat down at the same machine. and in 45 min. was up $2000. i love sunday mornings on these machines. if you go look up these machines folks. they hit. so i'm up now $3000. (did not break that first $1000). i was tired of the slots. so at 8:15. off to the tables i go. texas hold'em in the poker room. got on a table to 8:30. started with $100. finally left the table at 4pm. up down day on the table. finally lost the $100. i did buy $40 worth of chips. but it was fun. there are just tooooooo many pretty ladies in the casino at times. when they walk by the tables, and i can see them, i forget what i'm doing. and i just watch. lol no harm in just looking right. just please no one step on my tounge please. finaly had had enough fun. and decided to come home at 5pm. went to eat after leaving the table. had to lisen to the race on the way in. i forgot the race was on.(hangs head, so ashamed) but ya got to love xm radio. no darrel to hear yapping mikey, mikey, mikey, every few min. someone gag him please. finally got hme at about 9:30 or so. had a few pit stops along the way. was in no hurry to get back. that just ment it was almost time to go back to work,ohh joy. well maby i didnt bore anyone with this ..type ya latter

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