She was my scorpio,and my angel!  

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11/21/2005 11:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

She was my scorpio,and my angel!

'I am so sorry,but its who I am,I cant change that;it is in my nature to sting,to kill!' ,the scorpio replyed. And that is what she told me a when we chated a bit.
I had a good friend,a female lover,and I stil have.She stayed at my place for the summer and longer,we had some funns in the sun and more;some care-free times and also some stressfull ones (we both are students).
We parted well(I helped her find a flat),both trying to forget the bad and stay friends cause we cared for one another.
We meet a couple of times downtown,and I let the impresion that she is merely a friend,and nothing more;it would have been perf if we'd have kept in touch,but she just 'disappeared' ->her parents confiscated her mobile,she's got no other(asked me for a serv of tel,maby she knew whats comming and kept it for herself),no internet;summing up,no 'cold' means of communication.
So what should I do,you are the experts,tell me?!Seek her out,forget a person I care for,wait...?Your opinion counts!

sorroWind_eol 32M
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11/23/2005 8:09 pm

I can see that U all like this POST...has a lots of visits.At least I can do is encourage U to post ure comments,and maby sugestions for what U saught and seek!
See U!

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