Like crazy.........broken wing >|  

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11/27/2005 9:37 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Like crazy.........broken wing >|

// I've been on this site from nov21 or so! And since I have been surfing each and every possible corner of this site...or so I think!

// I enjoyed the cams,the live_chats and all of your posts that I could get my hands on. Read interesting stuff,and tortured myself to write some as well!


// My fav activity,bloging,sucked most of my time in,and by doing so I missed 'Angels in America' series,missed some live-shows,and also missed some other things....fortunately not life-threatening [0 >_< 0] !


So,I must say adieu,until further notice,and I promise I'll be back! :::::::::: And for those that know and cherish that sweet lady,the one [blog asianlady4love] ,do say 'hy' from me if she gets back before I do!

Have a good fun,have a good stay!

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