What a weekend.....  

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8/7/2006 5:57 am

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8/7/2006 3:55 pm

What a weekend.....

Ok so I was stuck home on Friday night watching my sister's kids. But I did end up having a late night visit. Was so hot he said he may stop by so I left the door unlocked just in case. Was not really sure if he was going to come by or not so what the hell. I know he was going to have a "friend" over so was not sure what really was going to happen. So I got into bed around 10:30 and went to sleep. I felt something touch the back of my head so I raise up out of bed to find a cock in my face. Was so hot to wake to his cock in my mouth. I could taste the pussy he just finshed fucking a few hours earlier. He tasted so good. Made my pussy so wet thinking if she only knew. If she only knew that he was fucking her with the thought of as soon as she is gone he is on his way over to slip that cum soaked cock in my mouth....MMMM makes me wet just thinking about it. And this was just the start of the weekend....So he stays over. I am up around 8am not much sleep for me. But I go make a little something to eat for us. And we start all over again. God sex is so DAMN GOOD !!!

Thank you and you know who you are for a great night, morning, weekend...Lots to write about in the "book" Will finsh later on how the rest of the weekend went..

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