New Tattoo  

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8/21/2006 10:24 am

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New Tattoo

Well Friday night got a new tattoo !! Just a few letters placed on my right ass cheek... Was kinda of a yes I am getting this and what it says then became of a I so dare you to get that type thing. This was the first tattoo that hurt. Well a few of the letters did. But there was one spot on my ass were at one point the pain turned into something that felt so good almost had me cum from it. But he moved to a new letter and it hurt like hell so that never happen. So that makes 3 tattoos now. One a birthday gift from my sister a small happy 18th birthday. The other a friend drew for me. And now another birthday gift on my ass....LMAO...And as a friend that has seen it already told me. " The fucking morgue attendant will roll you over and go Hmmmm wonder what that means" But it is done and I could not be more then happy with it. Will be a great memory I am sure of. Every time I have a new lover and have to tell them about my tattoo will put a smile on my face.....A HUGE THANK YOU TO AARON (aka tattoo guy) Any one wanting a tattoo let me know he is great. NICE BIG COCK to go with it. lol....

PS: NO names on this body... unless its my son's

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