What the Hell are You up to, BOSS??!!  

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8/7/2006 11:49 am

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What the Hell are You up to, BOSS??!!

Allright, as any one who has been followin my profile knows, a certain degree of the posts I have done have been interfered with by BOSS!!

After writing the post entitled, "A little rumour I can't tell you about" in which I wrote, "HEY 50 CENT, YOU WANNA FUCK WITH ME??"

,the post was mysteriously changed to, "A little rumour I can"

Also after several attempts at changing the "A soldier's death" post using Kmunch to try to fake my death, BOSS repeatedly changed it to, "A soldier"

And no matter how many times I tried to hide the original Daisy Earthshaker post, BOSS just wouldn't let me hide it.

I have no way of knowing if these actions were authorized by the FBI, who may have had access to my profile after all that blowing up the united states stuff, or from AdultFriendFinder, the entertainment industry, or some other tycoon with the resources to infiltrate my profile...

All I know is that BOSS has done alot of interfering with my work, from erasing key political posts involving cooperation among corporations and secular and religious charity funding and programs, to key communication clues in realtime, the freezing of my computer, deleting of my home email account, the tyempory lack of access to my home operating system and a temporary operating sytem being put in place...
I could go on and on...
Now most recently the words "guys" in my blog heading among other words, somehow got displayed as links for guys to meet people, and the word "will" became a link to a "write your own will" site.
I never set up links in my blog heading, so who did?

I found it peculiar, but never really looked into the sites in too much depth, and when I came back today, the links were gone.

Just what is BOSS up to?

The K7 say I can't be given any information as to the true identity of BOSS, so I can't even really know who is behind this!

He never leaves any written messages, only tampers with my profile, and in a sense speaks to me in code...

What was he saying?
That if I leave AdultFriendFinder, I should write a will?
Who is BOSS??
I understand that I can't know that yet, but I'm kinda lost here...
Are you saying don't leave AdultFriendFinder, or are you saying put a post up with my will in it, or that you are going to use your money to have me killed, or write a will THEN go to another site, or WHAT?

Are there just an incredibly uncanny amount of coincidences here?

So far the only people I have told about my profile off site are:
Jack FM
World Weekly news
The office of Arnold Scwartenegger
Our Lady Peace

Also, someone may have also told homeland security and God knows who else. The last two names I'm not sure of, as I contacted them through some guys I talk to at a radio station.

However, I also invited a certain group of individuals from the entertainmet industry to take part in operation comet...

However, as usual, the guy the started the whole thing is in the dark...

Should I go write my will now and leave AdultFriendFinder for good, or stay long enough to figure out what's goin on so I can Kick BOSSES ASS???!!!

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